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100 Active Blogs on Analytics, Big Data, Data Mining, Data Science, Machine Learning

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Stay on top of your data science skills game! Here’s a list of about 100 most active and interesting blogs on Big Data, Data Science, Data Mining, Machine Learning, and Artificial intelligence.

  • Occam’s Razor by Avinash Kaushik, examining web analytics and Digital Marketing.
  • OpenGardens, Data Science for Internet of Things (IoT), by Ajit Jaokar.
  • O’Reilly Radar, a wide range of research topics and books.
  • Oracle Data Mining Blog, Everything about Oracle Data Mining – News, Technical Information, Opinions, Tips & Tricks. All in One Place.
  • Observational Epidemiology A college professor and a statistical consultant offer their comments, observations and thoughts on applied statistics, higher education and epidemiology.
  • Overcoming bias By Robin Hanson and Eliezer Yudkowsky. Present Statistical analysis in reflections on honesty, signaling, disagreement, forecasting and the far future.
  • Probability & Statistics Blog By Matt Asher, statistics grad student at the University of Toronto. Check out Asher’s Statistics Manifesto.
  • Perpetual Enigma by Prateek Joshi, a computer vision enthusiast writes question-style compelling story reads on machine learning.
  • Predictive Analytics World blog, by Eric Siegel, founder of Predictive Analytics World and Text Analytics World, and Executive Editor of the Predictive Analytics Times, makes the how and why of predictive analytics understandable and captivating.
  • R-bloggers , best blogs from the rich community of R, with code, examples, and visualizations
  • R chart A blog about the R language written by a web application/database developer.
  • R Statistics By Tal Galili, a PhD student in Statistics at the Tel Aviv University who also works as a teaching assistant for several statistics courses in the university.
  • Revolution Analytics hosted, and maintained by Revolution Analytics.
  • Random Ponderingsby Yisong Yue, on artificial intelligence, machine learning & statistics.
  • Salford Systems Data Mining and Predictive Analytics Blog, by Dan Steinberg.
  • Sabermetric Research By Phil Burnbaum blogs about statistics in baseball, the stock market, sports predictors and a variety of subjects.
  • Statisfaction A blog by jointly written by PhD students and post-docs from Paris (Université Paris-Dauphine, CREST). Mainly tips and tricks useful in everyday jobs, links to various interesting pages, articles, seminars, etc.
  • SAS blog on text mining, voice mining and unstructured data by SAS experts.
  • Shape of Data, presents an intuitive introduction to data analysis algorithms from the perspective of geometry, by Jesse Johnson.
  • Simply Statistics By three biostatistics professors (Jeff Leek, Roger Peng, and Rafa Irizarry) who are fired up about the new era where data are abundant and statisticians are scientists.
  • Smart Data Collective, an aggregation of blogs from many interesting data science people
  • Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science by Andrew Gelman
  • Stats with Cats By Charlie Kufs has been crunching numbers for over thirty years, first as a hydrogeologist and since the 1990s, as a statistician. His tagline is- when you can’t solve life’s problems with statistics alone.
  • StatsBlog, a blog aggregator focused on statistics-related content, and syndicates posts from contributing blogs via RSS feeds.
  • Steve Miller BI blog, at Information management.
  • The Geomblog by Suresh
  • The Official Google Analytics Blog.
  • Unofficial Google Analytics Blog from ROI Revolution.
  • The Analysis Factor By Karen Grace Martin
  • The Guardian Data Blog, data journalism on topics in their news.
  • The Bad Science by Dr. Ben Goldacre, an epidemiologist who uses statistics to debunk bad science.
  • The Practical Quant by Ben Lorica, O’Reilly Media Chief Data Scientist, on OLAP analytics, big data, data applications etc
  • The numbers guy A blog written by Wall Street Journal writer Carl Bialik who ‘examines the way numbers are used, and abused’
  • Three Toed Sloth A blog written by Professor Cosma Shalizi who teaches statistics at Carnegie Mellon University.
  • Tom H. C. Anderson/Odintext blog, focusing on market research with data and text mining.
  • Vincent Granville blog. Vincent, the founder of AnalyticBridge and Data Science Central, regularly posts interesting topics on Data Science and Data Mining
  • What’s the Big Data. Gil Press covers the Big Data space and also writes a column on Big Data and Business in Forbes.
  • Walking Randomly by Mike Croucher
  • Web Analytics & Affiliate Marketing, Dennis R. Mortensen’s blog about how to increase publisher revenue through analytics.
  • Xi’ans Og Blog A blog written by a professor of Statistics at Université Paris Dauphine, mainly centred on computational and Bayesian topics.

This post updates 2015 post 90+ Active Blogs on Analytics, Big Data, Data Mining, Data Science, Machine Learning.


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