Simplilearn disrupts Big Data Industry with Masters and Flexi Pass Programs

Simplilearn, the largest online certification training company, offers 3 separate Big Data Masters Programs, courses on Hadoop and Spark, its unique CloudLab, and certification.

Enterprises around the world have huge opportunities to harness big data to accelerate and improve their competitiveness. With the advent of the Internet of Things, data and information in organizations come from a variety of sources worldwide. Everyone and everything are connected to each other by a device which in turn saves the data.

Up until now, the torrent of data that has been flooding the world, has only been interesting to a few data geeks. However, that has changed. Research from the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) states that the volume of data that is stored, generated, and mined for insights has become economically relevant to government, businesses, and consumers.

This is how important and vital big data has become. So why not opt for a certification in Big Data? Getting certified means getting ahead in your career. You cannot take any chances.

Keeping that in mind, weighing your options and picking the right certification provider is also important.

The current offerings on the market aren’t as comprehensive and do not cover the entire world of Big Data. Most of the MOOCs do not provide an end to end coverage of all the skills and concepts required to make it in the world of Big Data. There has been a need for more user centric and mentorship oriented training.

Keeping the big data and analytics boom, SimplilearnSimplilearnSimplilearn has stepped forward to offer one of the best big data product – The Big Data Masters Program. Simplilearn offers the masters program as three separate programs.

1. Big Data Hadoop Architect Masters Program

2. Big Data Hadoop Solutions Architect Masters Program

The Masters program ensures a complete development as a Big Data professional.

Apart from the Masters program, Simplilearn also offers the Online Classroom Flexi-pass for Big Data in course like
Hadoop Developer and
Apache Spark and Scala.

With this flexi-pass candidates can get unlimited access to multiple batches for 90 days, and self-paced high quality e-learning for 180 days. What is the advantage? In today’s time crunch, you have advantage of accessing multiple live expert sessions as per your convenience and availability. These sessions are engaging, and are typically 2-3 hours long. Once you have exhausted your online sessions, you will still have access to the eLearning content and the pre-recorded sessions that you have registered for, for your revision. Additionally, you get access to the best trainers from around the world and your queries are answered during the class, itself. On Demand Support ensures you have a 24x7 team ready to help you with your questions and projects.

Once registered, some eLearning companies may send discs for installation of their learning software, also called Virtual Machines. With the use of this software, you may face glitches such as Installation and system capabilities issues, difficulties in configuring the systems, network slowdown and failure, single machine capacity instead of clusters, and issues with rights and permissions.

This in turn will require a quick call to the customer care for help. And we all know how customer care deals with problems.

To avoid all of this hassle, Simplilearn provide a unique offering like no other, CloudLab, a cloud-based Hadoop environment that ensures a hassle-free execution to all hands on project-work. The CloudLab projects can be done on the cloud-based Hadoop clusters running on Hadoop 2.711.It provides the user the experience of working on a state-of-the-art Hadoop cluster without technological challenges. During your training period with Simplilearn, you will be able to access the CloudLab through the LMS. An introductory video guide provided will help you start off.

Simplilearn’s industry expert and Category Director Lillian Pierson, heads these talks on the masters program. A leading expert in the field of Big Data and Data Science,she equips working professionals and students with the data skills they need to stay competitive in today’s data driven economy.She is the author of three highly referenced technical books by Wiley & Sons Publishers: Data Science for Dummies (2015), Big Data / Hadoop for Dummies (Dell Special Edition, 2015), and Managing Big Data Workflows for Dummies (BMC Special Edition, 2016). Lillian has spent the last decade training and consulting for large technical organizations in the private sector, such as IBM, Dell, and Intel, as well as government organizations, from the U.S. Navy down to the local government level as the founder of Data-Mania LLC.

Simplilearn has been trusted by leading corporate giants in the Google, Apple, Cisco, and Microsoft.

Up-skilling is the way to put your best foot forward. And how do you up-skill – Certifications!

So, get out there, and get certified, today!