KxCon2016, International kdb+ programmer conference, May 19-22, Montauk, NY

Kdb+ time-series database provides high performance analytics on very large-scale datasets. Kdb+ users and coders will gather for KxCon2016, 3 days of presentations and hands-on workshops.

KxCon2016 KxCon2016, the premier international user conference for kdb+ and k programmers is taking place May 19-22 in Montauk, NY. Coders and engineers of all levels will be gathering for three days of presentations and hands-on workshops. If you are interested in attending, please contact kxcommunity@kx.com.

Kdb+ is a commercial time-series database system widely used in the financial services industry and for IoT applications including by utilities, telecom and researchers because of its high performance analytics on very large-scale datasets.

Arthur Whitney, the inventor of kdb+ and k, as well as other programming languages, will give a keynote speech on May 22 about his current project, called K6. This will be the first public presentation about his latest programming language. Also on the agenda is a talk about the "Democratization of k" by Dave Thomas, chief scientist at Kx Labs. Dave is well known for his contributions to Object Technology, including IBM VisualAge and Eclipse IDEs, Smalltalk and Java virtual machines. The authors of two seminal books on programming in kdb+, Jeffry Borror and Nick Psaris, will also be speaking.

Many other presenters will be sharing their experience in building complex systems in kdb+ for streaming, real time and historical data analysis. Hands-on workshops include programming in kdb+ for Raspberry Pi and, of course, a special kdb+ puzzle challenge will be posted for the weekend.

If you are interested in learning more about kdb+, or have already started using it, this is a great opportunity to network and gather knowledge, and have a lot of fun. We hope you can come!

Free promo codes available for data scientists: email to kxcommunity@kx.com