Welcome to the New GraphDB 7 from Ontotext

We are proud to introduce our GraphDB 7.0, the newest generation of semantic graph databases - it makes Powerful for Big Data Analytics a lot easier. Learn more at Apr 21 and Apr 28 webinars.

Ontotext - Making Sense of Text and Data

Even Easier with GraphDB 7

If there's one thing that we at Ontotext strive for the most, it is simplicity. Simplicity in design and communication within a complex system, and simplicity in the feeling of control and the pleasure of accomplishment.

Long story short, we are proud to introduce our GraphDB 7.0 - the newest generation of semantic graph databases. All you need to know is that it makes a lot of things easier:
  • Powerful for Big Data Analytics - New tools to access and explore data, eliminating the need to know everything about your data in advance (by schema visualization, auto-completion for query writing, and more).
  • Business Critical Services Under Control - Efficient monitoring of semantic data business critical services and automated SLA monitoring.
  • Flexible with Open Source Integration - Latest Lucene, Solr & Elastic; latest W3C standards for easy access to huge list of public linked datasets and upgraded to Sesame 2.8 with all changes in its API.
  • Easy to Install and Set-up - As any other application on a PC or server incl. one-click native installation for Windows, MacOS and Linus-based OS.

Download GraphDB 7.0 Free

To give you an easy start, in two Free Live Webinars we will cover the basics as well as the beauty of power of our semantic graph database - GraphDB.

Pavel Mihaylov, Head of GraphDB DevEx

GraphDB 7.0: Maximize the Value of Your Enterprise With the Public Shared Knowledge

Thursday, April 21, 2016 at 11am EDT | 4pm BST | 6pm EEST

In this webinar we will show how to easily create and explore knowledge bases of various complexity, and how to assess their impact and value for your enterprise. Get on board with our Head of GraphDB DevEx, Pavel Mihaylov to look at the biggest challenge in today’s enterprise world - how to extract insights and knowledge from huge amount of silos data.


Atanas Kiryakov, Ontotext CEO

How to Reveal Hidden Relationships in Data and Risk Analytics

Thursday, April 28, 2016 at 11am EDT | 4pm BST | 6pm EEST

Join Atanas Kiryakov, Ontotext CEO, to explore the beauty of relationship discovery and how to advance in your risk analytics with a GraphDB instance. We will demonstrate how hidden relationships can be revealed within a semantic graph database using a combination of open data and commercial datasets, including data from DBPedia & GeoNames, and news metadata.