Early bird deadline approaching – Chicago’s vortex of 4 analytics events

Chicago is whirling together four analytics events, June 20-23, 2016. Don't let the bird rates fly away - register by May 6 for best rates and getting extra saving with code KDN150.

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Chicago, known as “the windy city,” is whirling together four analytics events, June 20-23, 2016 – and early bird rates for these conferences will blow away after Friday, May 6th. Don’t let early bird pricing fly away without registering with the additional $150 off code KDN150.

Check Out this Vortex of 4 Analytics Events:

PAW Business Chicago

Predictive Analytics World for Business covers the latest methods and hottest topics in deployed predictive analytics across industry sectors. The conference is the leading cross-vendor event for predictive analytics professionals, managers and commercial practitioners striving to deliver on the promise of data science.
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eMetrics Summit

eMetrics Summit enlightens online marketing professionals with unique ways to glean and apply marketing insight from data. Join marketing professionals, digital analysts, and optimization experts in the pursuit of analyzing digital touchpoint data the right way. Whether you're looking to optimize web traffic, social media campaigns or mobile marketing strategies, this event is for you.
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Predictive Analytics World for Manufacturing

Predictive Analytics World for Manufacturing shows attendees how to take full advantage of predictive analytics to shape manufacturing. Hear how some of the world's largest and most forward-thinking manufacturers are tapping the power of predictive modeling to improve business outcomes.
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Text Analytics World

Text Analytics World is where leaders in the field gather to share practical solutions, new approaches, and the most interesting applications of text analytics. The conference unveils the latest methods and techniques for gaining business value from text analytics to help you build stronger and more profitable customer relationships. If you are looking for cutting edge ideas to gain meaning from unstructured text data, optimize your customer experience or gain competitive advantage with insights to differentiate your organization, then you won't want to miss this event.
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Register by May 6th to be swept off into early bird savings combined with the $150 off code KDN150. We look forward to seeing you at this perfect vortex of analytics events in June!

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