CRN Top Data Management Technologies Vendors 2016

The CRN editorial team has released its annual Big Data 100 report for 2016. Check out which companies made the list of Data Management Vendors.

For simplicity, CRN also divides the report into three categories:

  • Business Analytics - Vendors offering reporting tools, complex data analysis tools, and everything in between
  • Platform and Tools - Vendors offering total cloud-based solutions, as well as hardware and software platforms and applications
  • Data Management Technologies - Vendors offering database software, data integration solutions, and everything in between

This post will focus on the CRN's top Data Management Technologies Vendors category for 2016. We will have a look at the vendors appearing, and, for each, will provide a concise description from the report.

Data management

Note that description excerpts and other vendor details are taken directly, and almost exclusively, from the report.

  • Alation - Its platform combines elements of machine learning with human insight to capture information about what the data describes, where it comes from, who's using it and how it's being used. Redwood City, CA. Founded 2012.
  • AtScale - Its software makes it possible to use popular business intelligence tools such as Tableau and Qlik to access data stored in Hadoop clusters. San Mateo, CA. Founded 2013.
  • Attunity - Develops integration software that enables access, management, sharing and distribution of data across heterogeneous enterprise platforms and cloud systems. Burlington, MA.
  • Bedrock Data - Offers a data integration Platform-as-a-Service that constantly reviews and automatically synchronizes data in IT systems to ensure consistent records across disparate systems. Boston, MA. Founded 2012.
  • Confluent - Offers a data platform, based on the Apache Kafka open-source messaging system, for collecting, managing and analyzing streaming data in real time. Palo Alto, CA. Founded 2014.
  • Couchbase - Their next-generation NoSQL technologies can better handle the huge volumes of data and different data types that businesses are increasingly working with. Mountain View, CA. Founded 2011.
  • Databricks - Develops commercial software and services around Spark, including the Databricks Cloud end-to-end hosted data platform that launched in June 2015. San Francisco, CA. Founded 2013.
  • DataStax - Markets a commercial version of Apache Cassandra, the open-source NoSQL database designed to manage huge volumes of data across multiple data centers and the cloud. Santa Clara, CA. Founded 2010.
  • DataTorrent - Markets a big data platform for unified stream and batch processing on Hadoop that enables users to process, monitor, analyze and act on big data in real time. San Jose, CA. Founded 2012.
  • EnterpriseDB - Markets an Oracle-compatible relational database system based on the open-source PostgreSQL database, along with security and performance enhancements, management tools, and other support and services. Bedford, MA.
  • Informatica - Developer of big data technologies including tools for master data management, data and cloud integration, and data quality. Redwood City, CA.
  • Infoworks - Developer of its Infoworks Dynamic Data Warehousing platform, which runs on a single Hadoop cluster. San Jose, CA.
  • JethroData - Developer of an SQL-on-Hadoop engine that acts as a business intelligence-on-Hadoop acceleration layer that speeds up big data queries from business intelligence tools such as Tableau, Qlik and MicroStrategy from any data source like Hadoop or Amazon S3. New York, NY.
  • MarkLogic - Offers an enterprise NoSQL database built with a flexible data model to store, manage, query and search structured and unstructured data and facilitate heterogeneous data integration. San Carlos, CA. Founded 2001.
  • MemSQL - Develops a distributed in-memory database that can process transactions and run analytics in real time using SQL. San Francisco, CA. Founded 2011.
  • MongoDB - Develops a NoSQL database that, like competing NoSQL databases, positions itself as an alternative to traditional relational database systems that struggle to meet the demands of today's big data environments. New York, NY & Palo Alto, CA.
  • Neo Technology - Develops the Neo4j graph database, a type of NoSQL database that uses graph theory to map, store and query data relationships. San Francisco, CA. Founded 2007.
  • Paxata - Their Adaptive Data Preparation platform, built on Apache Spark and optimized to run in Hadoop environments, provides data integration, data quality, semantic enrichment, collaboration and governance capabilities. Redwood City, CA. Founded 2012.
  • Qubole - Develops the Qubole Data Service, a unified interface that helps users analyze data stored in cloud systems such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. Mountain View, CA. Founded 2011.
  • Redis - Supports the open-source Redis high-performance, in-memory NoSQL "data structure store" that can perform as a database, caching layer or message broker for fast transactions and real-time analytics. Mountain View, CA.
  • Reltio - Combines aspects of meta data management and NoSQL graph databases to create a platform for developing enterprise data-driven applications. Redwood Shores, CA. Founded 2015.
  • SnapLogic - Provides "elastic integration" for connecting enterprise applications with on-premise and cloud-based data, putting it squarely in the middle of the heavily competitive Integration Platform-as-a-Service arena. San Mateo, CA. Founded 2006.
  • Splice Machine - Develops a Hadoop-based relational database that is more scalable than traditional RDBMS systems from Oracle, Microsoft and others, but still provides a familiar SQL interface for application developers. San Francisco, CA. Founded 2012.
  • Striim - Founded in 2012 by former executives from Golden Gate Software, Oracle, Informatica, WebLogic and other big-name data management companies. Palo Alto, CA. Founded 2012.
  • Talena - Markets predictive analytics software that incorporates machine-learning algorithms and data visualization to better administer big data management workloads and more accurately predict data availability. San Jose, CA. Founded 2013.
  • Talend - Develops a range of open-source software for data integration, master data management, data quality management and other big data tasks. Redwood City, CA.
  • Tamr - Developed a data unification platform that transforms "dark, dirty and disparate data" from hundreds and even thousands of data sources both inside and outside an organization into clean, connected data. Cambridge, MA. Founded 2013.
  • Trifacta - Develops "data wrangling" software for transforming raw, complex data into clean, structured formats for analysis – one of the biggest challenges in data analysis processes. San Francisco, CA. Founded 2012.
  • VoltDB - Develops an in-memory SQL database that combines streaming analytics with transaction processing capabilities in a single platform. Bedford, MA. Founded 2009.
  • Xplenty - Offers a cloud-based data integration platform that pulls together structured and unstructured data without any coding work. Tel Aviv, Israel & San Francisco, CA.

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