Big Data Innovation, Data Visualization, IoT Summits, Boston, Sep 8-9

Save the date for 3 Boston Summit, Sep 8-9: Big Data Innovation, Data Visualization, and Internet of Things. Supersaver rates end June 10.

We hope you will join us in saving the date for our Boston events this September! 
 Keep up with the ever-accelerating capabilities of big data, draw from real industry case studies, and engage in hands-on workshops that will give you the best tools to overcome your next big data challenge.
 Visualizing data means democratizing and understanding it. Join data scientists, technologists and visual storytellers for best practice ideas on creating functional and beautiful dashboards which tell the story.
Explore the world where the internet meets objects in an interconnected landscape. Examine one of the fastest growing domains that is going to cause disruption, as well as the most opportunity for the future.

Contact Jordan Charalampous directly at (+1 415 614 4191) for more information.

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