Six PAW Chicago Sessions That Show Analytics’ Long Reach

At Chicago's Predictive Analytics World for Business conference, June 20-23, 2016, explore case studies from a range of industries and discuss best practices for infusing organizations with the power of analytics in new and innovative ways. KDnuggets subscribers enjoy $150 off!

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Six PAW Chicago Sessions That Show Analytics' Long Reach

As predictive modeling techniques evolve, we strive to integrate the latest data science. The following sessions, coming to Predictive Analytics World for Business—June 20-23 in Chicago— explore case studies from a range of industries and discuss best practices for infusing organizations with the power of analytics in new and innovative ways. Learn more by signing up today.

KDnuggets subscribers enjoy an additional $150 off conference passes when they register with code KDN150.

Dean Abbott The Revolution in Retail Customer Intelligence

Dean Abbot of SmarterHQ describes the transition from reporting to data-driven decisions using predictive analytics. Examples, drawn from real-world retailers, will include shopping cart funnel management, shopping cart abandonment, marketing attribution, churn, and purchase propensity.
National Consumer Panel logo Using Predictive Analytics to Optimize Organizational KPI's: A Panel Market Research Case Study

Thomas Schleicher of National Consumer Panel covers developing and prioritizing KPIs to best guide your business. NCP requires a panel that is fully representative while also fully participating. Thomas shares how NCP uses predictive analytics to choose optimal participants.
Robert Grossman, Open Data Group

Best Practices for Deploying Analytic Models into Operations

Robert Grossman of Open Data Group uses a series of case studies to explore best practices for deploying analytic models. Examples include deploying analytics using flat files and databases, as well as deploying analytics using vendor neutral standards for analytics, such as the Portable Format for Analytics (PFA) and the Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML), covering case studies with models built using R, Hadoop, MapReduce and Spark.

Lisa Middleton, Lyric Opera of Chicago

The Perfect Ensemble - Predictive Analytics and the Performing Arts

Lisa Middleton of the Lyric Opera of Chicago examines the impact that data and predictive analytics are having on the performing arts. The Lyric Opera of Chicago has used analytics tools to turn single-ticket buyers into subscribers, and has an analytics-based loyalty program waiting in the wings. Predictive analytics has had a tremendous impact on a number of different industries but the stage has been set for its next big act - the performing arts.

Michael Li, The Data Incubator

Data Science Mindset for the Rest of Us

Michael Li of The Data Incubator explores how human judgment is often systematically flawed, why humans are biologically wired by evolution to make poor gut decisions, and how data science can help us make better decisions. Case studies like the 2008 stock market crash or the Vioxx drug approval scandal help us to understand some common mistakes and the limitations of data science.

Optimizing Model-Based Risk Management in the Aviation Industry

Babacar Seck of LEADS AEROSPACE covers how the aviation industry is using predictive analytics to reduce risk. Exploring an example of innovative use in aviation will show how analytics is helping to rapidly advance safety measures, risk management, and overall efficiency.

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