Top /r/MachineLearning Posts, May: TensorFlow Tricks; Machine Learning Tutorials; Google TPUs

May on /r/MachineLearning was all about tutorials, TensorFlow, Google hardware, Deep Learning machine installations, and some laughs.

In May on /r/MachineLearning we get jokes, more jokes, bad news about freely-available study material, good news about some other freely-available study material, some videos, news from Google, and a walkthrough for setting up a deep learning machine.

The top 5 /r/MachineLearning posts of the past month are:

1. TensorFlow FizzBuzz +503

FizzBuzz... in TensorFlow? Why not? Hilarity ensues... A light, yet informative, treatment by author of Data Science From Scratch, Joel Grus.

2. Andrej Karpathy Forced to Take Down Stanford CS231n Videos +496

KarpathyThis bit of news has made the rounds over the past week, so you may have already heard: Andrej Karpathy has been forced to take down the previously publicly-available videos for his Convolutional Neural Networks course at Stanford. This is a link to the tweet announcing it.

There's really nothing more to see here...

3. In-depth Machine Learning Course w/ Python +451

Long-time Python tutorial make sentdex has shared his latest series of machine learning video tutorials, aimed at beginner to intermediate programmers. Directly from him:

The most recent series is an in-depth machine learning course, aimed at breaking down the complex ML concepts that are typically just "done for you" in a hand-wavy fashion with packages and modules.

Here is a link to the tutorials on his YouTube channel.

4. Naomi Saphra on Twitter: "What idiot called it "deep learning hype" and not "backpropaganda"?" +398.


Yep... pretty much.

5. 100 Machine Learning videos you can't find in Google +365

Courtesy of the folks at MLConf, here is a collection of 100 machine learning videos you cannot find on Google! I have my doubts about the accuracy of the title, but I don't think it really matters either way; here are a bunch of videos you want to watch, all in one place.

TMLConf videos

6. Google supercharges machine learning tasks with TPU custom chip +365

Google made news this month when it announced some new hardware: the Tensor Processing Unit (TPU). Forget GPUs; the TPU, a custom ASIC built specifically for machine learning, is seven-year-into-the-future technology, as per Google. It has been in use at the Tech Kingpin's datacenters for over a year now, and it's also tailored for TensorFlow. It also happens to be the hardware that helped bring down Lee Sedol. Not yet available at your local Best Buy...

7. Setting up a Deep Learning Machine from Scratch (Software) +218

Sketchy on how to setup a deep learning box of your own? Do you know what libraries you want, but aren't quite sure how to get them all installed, configured, and up and training? This post is a great one-stop resource to go from metal to CUDA-enabled Torch, Caffe, Keras, and more.