Data Analytics Bootcamp to make you irreplaceable

Become irreplaceable at Level Bootcamp by learning how to use data to solve real problems. Get 15% KDnuggets discount for upcoming programs in Boston, Seattle, Charlotte, Silicon Valley, and online.


The world needs people who can analyze data and turn it into strategy. 

Become irreplaceable at Level Bootcamp by learning how to use data to solve real problems. 
  • Master statistical analysis, predictive analytics, data modeling, and data visualization, and tools like R, SQL, and Tableau.
  • Get your hands dirty by completing a major 1:1 capstone project with a company like Moz, Wayfair, or Google
  • Work on projects that interest you, from Moneyball analysis to political predictions to analyzing public transportation. 
  • Access industry connections and career services at the only data bootcamp created by a top-50 ranked university. 
  • Suit your schedule by taking the bootcamp full-time, or part-time in addition to a full working schedule.

Friends of KDnuggets receive a 15% discount on tuition for upcoming programs starting September 19th. Classes are held in Boston, Seattle, Charlotte, Silicon Valley, and online. 
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Not only did I learn the tools needed to perform data analysis, but was encouraged to think unconventionally and to approach problem sets from a perspective that may be unique due to personal professional experiences.
-Tina, Level Alum