Improve Your Regression with Modern Regression Analysis Techniques, July 27, Aug 10 Webinars

This two part webinar will help you improve your regression using modern regression analysis techniques. July 27 (part 1) and August 10 (part 2).

Salford Systems 2-part Webinar: Salford Systems

Part 1: Linear, Nonlinear, Regularized, GPS, LARS, LASSO, Elastic Net, MARS®
July 27, 10am PT, 1pm ET

Part 2: TreeNet® Gradient Boosting, RandomForests®, ISLE™ and RuleLearner® 
August 10, 10am PT, 1pm ET

Join us for this two part webinar series on improving your regression using modern regression analysis techniques, presented by Senior Scientist, Mikhail Golovyna. In these webinars you will learn how to drastically improve predication accuracy in your regression with a new model that addresses common concerns such as missing values, interactions, and nonlinearities in your data.

We will demonstrate the techniques using real-world data sets and introduce the main concepts behind Leo Breiman's Random Forests and Jerome Friedman's GPS (Generalized PathSeeker™), MARS® (Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines), and Gradient Boosting.