Data Science for Beginners: Fantastic Introductory Video Series from Microsoft

The remaining videos in Microsoft's Data Science for Beginners video series are available now. Have a look at what they offer.

Last week, KDnuggets published 2 blogs by frequent contributor and Microsoft data scientist Brandon Rohrer. These blogs were transcripts of the first 2 videos in a series of "Data Science for Beginners" series featured on Microsoft's Azure website. Part 1 covered 'The 5 questions data science answers,' while Part 2 touched on whether or not your data is ready for data science.

The remaining 3 videos (and corresponding blog transcripts) are available now on Microsoft Azure's website, and feature the following:

Part 3 - How to ask a question you can answer with data

Data Science for Beginners 3

This video covers how to ask a sharp question, how to check whether available data is able to help answer this question, and how to properly reformulate the question if necessary.

Part 4 - Predict an answer with a simple model

Data Science for Beginners 4

This video covers getting on with prediction. It starts with collecting data, asking a sharp question, plotting the existing data for visualization, drawing a linear model, using the model to find the answer, and creating a confidence level.

Part 5 - Copy other people’s work to do data science

Data Science for Beginners 5

This video covers using the Microsoft Cortana Intelligence Gallery to find existing machine learning examples to use as starting points for doing data science. The video uses a specific clustering example, as well as demonstrates how to use the Cortana Intelligence Gallery to find relevant existing experiments.

The first 2 videos generated a lot of response and activity on KDnuggets. If you are interested in seeing the remaining 3 videos, use the links above to navigate and check them out. A special thanks to Brandon Rohrer and the Microsoft Azure team for putting together such a great and valuable resource for aspiring data scientists.