More answers, less theory from Big Guns at Big Data LDN, Nov 3-4

This new free-to-attend conference seeks to help businesses debunk Big Data myths with real-life case studies, and is expected to attract 3000 attendees over two days.

London, UK, 1st September 2016. Bigdataldn 250Big Data LDN, the first delegate-led independent Big Data event in the UK, today launched its 2016 programme. This new event, which is held at Olympia London between November 3rd and 4th, seeks to help businesses debunk Big Data myths with real-life case studies. The free-to-attend conference is expected to attract 3000 attendees over two days to hear about the latest and greatest Big Data best-practices from 70 tech leaders and many more end-users.

The conference and seminar programme will showcase how Big Data challenges can be overcome. By having experts sharing tried-and-tested practical steps, not just the theories other Big Data events preach, attendees will gain detailed insight to improve their organisations' overall performance.

Speakers from leading data exponents such as MariaDB, Cloudera, Tableau Software and Talend will be examining contemporary schools of thought, providing one-to-one access to expert advice and demonstrating the range of new technologies available from Internet of Things to Machine Learning.

Delegates span a range of organisations, from Financial Services and Telecoms juggernauts to Local Government authorities. The attendees also represent a variety of job functions, from C-Level executives to those who work with Big Data on a daily basis as Data Architects and Head of Insight.

The conference has two streams; a C-Level Strategy Conference and Four Technical Education tracks covering the data themes of harvest, meld, mine and govern:

1. Harvesting data - The days of simple corporate Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) and Data Warehousing architectures are over. This track will guide delegates on the best tools to harvest and manage a wide range of data feeds from social media and the Internet of Things (IoT).

2. Melding data - IT teams are being asked to undertake data integration, cleansing and blending across an increasing range of disparate data streams. This track discusses the new generation of API management, Extract, Transform and Load (ETL), data integration and preparation tools which simplify and automate the task of melding and wrangling data into shape.

3. Mining data - The stable world of Business Intelligence (BI) has been transformed in recent years by a riot of innovation, enabling pioneering organisations to benefit from new self-service data visualization tools, predictive analytics and machine learning tools. This track will focus on the understanding of modern analytics tools so users can match their business needs with the most effective solutions.

4. Governing data - How can IT and governance teams ensure sensitive data is protected whilst providing non-expert users with the data access they need? With so many current and new regulations relating to how data is protected coming into force, this track covers all the questions which look into how data is classified, secured, transferred and stored.

About Big Data LDN

Big Data LDN is all about providing answers by focusing on the practical steps that organisations should take. Speakers will share their insights on best practice and hard-won lessons on what works and what to avoid. The conference and seminar programme is a compelling blend of strategic guidance and actionable technical insights, enabling business and IT delegates to tackle their Big Data projects with confidence.

Complementing the education programme, the Big Data LDN exhibition brings together over 70 leading technology and services suppliers from around the world, providing one-to-one access to expert advice and a wide range of data and analytics products.

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