ODSC West 2016 Applied Data Science Conference (Nov 4-6, Santa Clara), Reveals Keys to Being A Great Data Scientist

Being a good data scientist takes a lot of effort. Staying relevant, making the right connections and consistently upgrading your skill set is essential. So, what steps have you taken this year to launch your data science career to the highest level? Use code ODSC-KDN to save.

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Despite the proliferation of data science content conferences offer two unique advantages. Firstly they accelerate learning by offering you an intense range of talks and workshops to choose from.  Secondly connections and networking matter to your career.

ODSC West 2016 is the perfect opportunity to invest in your future. Join over 2,500 data scientists, software engineers, ML//DL experts, CTO’s, and others for 3 intense days of training, learning and networking with some of the top names in data science.

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The best way to learn is by doing. That’s why ODSC West features more than 40 hands-on workshops in addition to 10 premium training sessions, specifically designed to boost your data science skills and help you land your next job. Train with some of the best in data science including: Kirk Borne, Brian Granger, Jared Lander and Jaya Kolhatkar as they show you exactly how the latest tools, trends and languages are transforming the world we live in.

Having a healthy skill set of open source tools helps any resume. Familiarity with Python, R, Julia, Stan, scikit-learn, Drill, Hadoop, and Spark are all things peers and employers look for.


The majority of data science conferences focus on one topic, overlooking the bigger picture. So, you will find many Big Data, Machine Learning and Disruptive Data Science Conferences but you will rarely find an event that combines 2, 3, even 4 or more topics in a single event.

ODSC West provides a unique, well-rounded learning experience. Attendees get access to more than 100 incredible talks, given by some of the biggest names in data science, on Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Big Data Science, Open Visualization, Open Data Science, and more!

Data science owes a lot to its core contributors and we pride ourselves in having some of the best at ODSC.  What can offer better bragging rights and insights than learning these tools from the rock stars who built them? This year’s speaker lineup is stacked with some extremely talented individuals presenting talks, workshops, and tutorials


Connecting with thousands of your data science peers is essential for acquiring the contacts necessary to bring your ambitions to reality. Whether you are a seasoned practitioner interested in networking with high-level business executives or if you are looking to break into the world of data science for the first time, ODSC West 2016 offers you exceptional value.

Get hired at the ODSC West Career Fair in one of the hottest job markets for data scientists. Data science is a huge field and it takes time to find the right role for you. This is your chance to meet face-to-face with recruiters from over 50 leading tech companies, filling more than 400 positions, from interns to experienced.

Being an exceptional data scientist is not easy. It takes the right combination of learning, training and networking to maximize your full career potential. Data science is your life’s journey and events like ODSC West should be on that road. We hope you’ll join us, here’s a special offer.

Use this code: ODSC-KDN and get an extra 20% OFF our already low prices. But don’t wait long this code will expire soon. Redeem Now.