New Poll: Can You Live with Ethics of Machine Learning and Self-Driving Cars?

The difficult thing about Machine Learning Ethics is that it forces us to consider the harsh choices people sometimes have to make but don't want to think about. Here is one such situation - what is the right choice? Please vote.

Self Driving Car Mountains With self-driving cars now being tested in many places by Google, Tesla, Uber and others, the questions of Ethics and Machine Learning, which used to be confined to theoretical "trolley experiments" suddenly become more plausible.

The questions like the one below are uncomfortable to think about, and such situations are probably rare, but in programming complex systems it is useful to consider extreme situations. Here is one such extreme situation - what is the right choice?

This poll is closed - here are the results: The Surprising Ethics of Humans and Self-Driving Cars

In some dystopian future (like one presented in "Black Mirror"), one can imagine that with real-time face and identity recognition, the machine can make a calculation on whether to hit pedestrians based on who they are, their net worth, or twitter followers :).

To see what can be done to reduce the chances of AI making a mistake, read the excellent post by Lukas Biewald What we can learn from AI mistakes.

See also a very good New Yorker article If Animals Have Rights, Should Robots?.