Silver BlogA Funny Look at Big Data and Data Science

A less than serious look at Big Data and Data Science. If you can laugh at all cartoons, then your Data Science skills are in good shape.

For the holiday week, we bring you a less than serious look at Big Data and Data Science, thanks to Happy Data Scientist Andrii at @TheSmartJokes and

If you don't get the point of some jokes, then you probably need to work on your Data Science skills.

Nice vs Naughty Data Dashboard:

Cartoon Christmas Nice Naughty Data

An SQL Query walks into a bar and sees two tables.

It walks to them and says "Can I join you?"

Cartoon: SQL Tables

There's a band called 1023MB ... They haven't had a gig yet.

Cartoon 1023 Mb

Cartoon Happy New Year Off by 1

Happy New Year to all who've ever had an off-by-one (or two) error!

Cartoon Waving New Year