R-Brain Platform for Data Science: R, Python, sharing, security, and marketplace

R-Brain IDE enables data scientists to use both R and Python with full language support. It enables sharing and has a marketplace for models. Try it free.

How R-Brain Platform saves your time and make your life easy!

R Brain Data Science Platform

Have you ever spent hours on installing different packages to be able to start writing an R or Python code? Have you been waiting for days to get respond from your colleagues just because you cannot instantly share your model or because of handling dependencies?

Can you imagine to deploy your development tool on the cloud and scale up or down in less than a minute?

Well, you are not the only data scientist who is striving to accomplish developing models but lose agility due to limitations in available tools. The good news is that R-Brain platform is designed specifically to address these constraints and facilitate the model development.

Our advanced IDE enables data scientists to write codes in both R and Python in one place with full language support. Powered by Jupyter, it has a flexible environment that you can run multiple R and Python sessions simultaneously. Enjoy writing codes in notebook or markdown with real-time rendering or share your Shiny app instantly.

When it comes to sharing, R-Brain platform has a unique structure that gives the utmost flexibility to users. There is the option to share only the result or all your workspace temporarily or permanently.

You can leverage big data solutions such as Apache Spark through scalable cloud infrastructures optimized by experts and benefit from flexible cloud computation by upgrading/downgrading it at any time.

Save time and secure your workspace by taking snapshots of your container, reuse them at any time and enjoy full root access control of your workspace through the terminal.

Finally, you can promote your models, data or applications through the marketplace and get visibility or earn money.

Visit r-brain.io and try our platform for free.