Springboard launches data science bootcamp with a job guarantee

Springboard Data Science Career Track is the first online data science bootcamp that offers a job guarantee to its graduates. Springboard tracked 50 graduates and saw that all got a job within 6 months, with a median increase of $18,000 in first-year salary.

By Roger Huang, Springboard.

Springboard is launching its Data Science Career Track -- the first online data science bootcamp that offers a job guarantee to its graduates.

The company tracked 50 of its graduates and saw that all 50 got a job within six months -- with a median increase of $18,000 in first-year salary. They've placed graduates at Boeing, Amazon, Pandora, and reddit. Now they’ve put their money where their mouth is by guaranteeing graduates of its new bootcamp a data science job or a 100% tuition refund.

Springboard Become Data Scientist

Springboard says the reason it’s confident it can live up to the promise is its world-class mentor network of data scientists, who have worked at companies like Facebook, Instacart, Jawbone and more. Springboard’s mentors are working practitioners who know what it takes to break into data science, and many of them are hiring managers themselves. This inside perspective gives their students an unprecedented leg up when it comes to getting data science jobs.

Springboard Mentor

Their mentors help students deal with data science problems. They also impart immensely valuable advice from their years of experience in weekly, one-to-one video calls with their mentees.

Springboard’s rigorous 200-hour curriculum for Data Science Career Track was curated by experts from IBM, Cisco, and Pindrop Security. The course structure is self-paced and flexible enough to accommodate those working full-time. Students can expect to finish in six months if they spend 8-10 hours a week on the bootcamp. The online and self-paced curriculum allows engaged learners the ability to pick up industry-recognized certification without having to quit their full-time jobs.

Once students learn the intricacies of machine learning, statistics, Python, SQL, Spark and Hadoop, they are given career resources and two final capstone projects. This is where they concretely use the technical skills and knowledge they’ve gained to build a meaningful data science project. Once it’s approved by their mentor, it can become an integral part of a data science portfolio.

Throughout the course, students also benefit from 24-7 teaching assistants to help them accelerate their learning. They’re also paired with a dedicated career coach who will help them with interview prep and resume review. Finally, Springboard is developing partnerships with key employers to help surface placement opportunities for its graduates. Six months after the course finishes, if a graduate doesn’t get a data science job, they are refunded all the money they spent.

The new Career Track program is selective, and requires applicants to have some prior experience with statistics and programming. The job guarantee applies to participants in most major US cities. Springboard hopes to expand to more geographies soon.

Here are some more details about the bootcamp.