3 ways to learn Data Science at Statistics.com

Get the personal touch you need to deepen your learning with Statistics.com classes that are small, rich and engaging with readings, videos, quizzes, homework, and practical projects, taught online by leading instructors.

Get the personal touch that you need to deepen your learning. Statistics.com classes are small,  with rich and engaging content that includes readings, videos, quizzes, homework, projects, and practical work with software.  All courses are taught online by well-respected instructors (most are authors of the text you will use, or practitioners in the field) who will answer all your questions on  a private discussion forum.

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1. Certificates in Data Science

Want to expand your knowledge in data science while remaining in your current job? These two online certificates have 10 courses each (each course is 4 weeks long) and are taught in small cohorts by leading text authors or experts in each subject.  The cost is $5,000 and each course takes about 10-15 hours per week to complete. Prerequisite: an undergraduate degree, plus some familiarity with basic programming (though we can help with that, if you are new to programming).

  • Programming in Data Science - Use R for data mining, Python for text mining, extract data from databases with SQL, learn Hadoop basics, and put it all together in a capstone project.
  • Analytics in Data Science  - Use Excel-based tools for data mining, time series forecasting, clustering, constrained optimization, simulation and social network analysis. Electives cover spatial analysis, natural language processing and more.


2. Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Data Science and Analytics

Get your Bachelor of Science (BS) degree at Thomas Edison State University in partnership with Statistics.com. Take all your required data science courses online at Statistics.com. Credits earned by successfully completing the Statistics.com courses will fulfill the area of study requirements of the program, which is fully online.

3. Individual online courses in Data Science

Data Mining and Prediction Courses

Data Analytics Courses

Text Analytics Courses

Using R Courses

Python Courses

IT/Programming Courses

Spatial Analytics Courses

Operations Research and Risk Courses