IEEE Big Data 2016 keynotes, tutorial presentations

Read the keynote and tutorial presentations on important topics including Big Data and Privacy, Mining Unstructured Text Data, Database Decay and How to Avoid It, Trajectory Data Mining, and more.

The recent Washington, DC IEEE Big Data 2016 conference, held in Washington, DC, Dec 5-8, 2016 drew close to 900 participants from all over the world, with about half from academia, half from industry/government section.

The conference included 18 regular paper sessions, 12 short papers session, and 7 industry sessions (regular paper acceptance rate is 18.7%), plus 6 keynote speeches, 5 tutorials, and 26 workshops.

The presentation ppts for keynotes and tutorials can be downloaded from links below.

IEEE Big Data 2016 keynotes
  • Prof. Elisa Bertino: Big Data Security and Privacy
  • Prof. Jiawei Han: On the Power of Big Data: Mining Structures from Massive, Unstructured Text Data
  • Dr. Mark Johnson: Leveraging High Performance Computing to Drive Advanced Manufacturing R&D at the US department of Energy
  • Dr. Michael Stonebraker: Database Decay and How to Avoid It
  • Dr. Chaitanya Baru: Harnessing the Data Revolution: A Perspective from the National Science Foundation
  • Dr. Guruduth Banavar: Cognitive Computing: From breakthroughs in the lab to applications on the field

IEEE Big Data 2016 Tutorials
  • Tutorial 1: Large Scale Text Mining - Techniques and Applications
  • Tutorial 2: Trajectory Data Mining
  • Tutorial 3: Large Scale Matrix Factorization
  • Tutorial 4: Dynamic Big Data Processing in the Web of Things: Challenges, Opportunities and Success Stories
  • Tutorial 5: Anomalous and Significant Subgraph Detection in Attributed Networks