Predictive Analytics World for Business, June 19-22, Chicago

Join your peers at Predictive Analytics World for Business and tap the potential of predictive analytics to optimize business. You will grasp it, own it, and put it to use by learning from the best of the best.

Predictive Analytics World for Business in Chicago

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Join the crowd at Predictive Analytics World for Business (June 19-22 in Chicago) and tap the potential of predictive analytics to optimize numerous aspects of business. You will grasp it, own it, and put it to use by learning from the best of the best.

Keynote Speakers Line-Up

Dean Abbott Dean Abbott is Co-Founder and Chief Data Scientist of SmarterHQ, and President of Abbott Analytics, Inc. in San Diego, California. Dean is an internationally recognized data mining and predictive analytics expert with over two decades of experience applying advanced data mining algorithms, data preparation techniques, and data visualization methods to real-world problems, including fraud detection, risk modeling, text mining, personality assessment, response modeling, survey analysis, planned giving, and predictive toxicology.

Predictive modelers love more data, and often our mindset is “the more data the better the models”. We crave more records. We love building more features. And with recent advances in cloud computing, it is easier than ever to build, store, and access big data. However, we often find that big data means big headaches for data preparation and models. Worse yet, big data doesn’t necessarily result in more accurate models.

In this keynote, How Predictive Modelers Can Benefit from Big Data without Big Headaches , Mr. Abbott will describe ways predictive modelers should approach building predictive models on big data, tame problems with clever design, and leverage resources to scale big data solutions.

Description: Haile Owusu Haile Owusu is Chief Data Scientist at Mashable where his main responsibility is the development and refinement of the company's proprietary Velocity technology, which predicts and tracks the viral life-cycle of digital media content. Haile specializes in statistical learning as applied to predictive analytics and has a background in theoretical physics.

Haile presents The Centrality of a Detailed Understanding of your Audience, sharing how an understanding of one's audience is the key to delivering optimal content for media organizations. The path to this understanding often runs through logged behavioral data, but can we leverage methods from the world of polling to generate additional insights?

John Elder John Elder leads America's most widely experienced Data Science consultancy solving problems in investments, business, and science by analyzing data in tables, text, and links. Dr. Elder co-authored 3 books (on data mining, ensembles, and text mining), two of which won "book of the year" awards in Mathematics or Computer Science. Dr. Elder was honored to be named by President Bush to serve 5 years on a panel to guide technology for national security.

John covers the latest and greatest in predictive modeling methods in his session. Bleeding Edge Advanced Methods.

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