Data Scientists Strongly Oppose Trump Immigration Ban

Latest poll of nearly 1000 analytics professionals and data scientists who read KDnuggets shows that 75% worldwide and 77% in the US oppose Trump Immigration Ban. The poll results reveal sharp polarization, with strong views prevailing on both sides.

The latest KDnuggets Poll shows strong opposition to President Trump Immigration Ban.

The poll asked

Do you support Trump Immigration Ban ( Executive Order 13769 'Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States' aka 'A Muslim Ban')?

The results below show strong opposition to the ban. Combining "strongly" and "somewhat", we see 75% of voters oppose the ban and 20.2% support, with only 4.8% not sure. Most of our audience is Data Scientists, which justifies the conclusion that Data Scientists in the US and worldwide strongly oppose the Trump immigration ban.

Strongly against (636) 67.7%
Somewhat against (68) 7.2%
Not sure (45) 4.8%
Somewhat support (66) 7.0%
Strongly support (124) 13.2%

We also note the strong polarization of the results. About 9x more people were strongly than somewhat against the ban, and about 2X were strongly than somewhat in support of the ban.

The Trump ban was opposed in all geographic regions, but surprisingly, there was also some support for the ban across all regions, with somewhat higher support in Asia (mainly in China, India, and Japan) and in Africa / Middle East (driven by support in Israel).

For the regional analysis below, we combined strongly and somewhat support into support field, and strongly and somewhat against into against field. The bar height corresponds to % of voters from that region (also shown next to region name). Because the ban is specific to immigration to US, we separated US from Canada.

Trump Immigration Opposition By Region
Fig. 1: Support and Opposition to Trump Immigration Ban by Region.

Here are countries with 80% or higher opposition to the ban (among countries with 5 or more voters):
  • South Korea, 100% against
  • Denmark, 100%
  • Hungary, 100%
  • Ireland, 100%
  • Sweden, 100%
  • Netherlands, 92%
  • Turkey, 88%
  • Spain, 86%
  • Germany, 84%
  • Mexico, 83%
  • France, 80%
  • Brazil, 80%
  • Australia, 80%
There were also countries that leaned in the opposite direction. Here are the countries with 30% or more support for the ban (among countries with 5 or more voters):
  • Israel, 83% support
  • China, 60%
  • Japan, 43%
  • Belgium, 33%
  • Italy, 33%
  • Indonesia, 33%
  • Russia, 33%
  • India, 30%