Kanri Distance Calculator(tm) – patented solution applying power of Big Data to an Individual

Kanri combination of patented statistical and process methods provide a powerful ability to evaluate large data, tells users the exact distance from target, and variable contributions for participant. Free trial and 88% KDnuggets discount for the first 100 buyers.

Deliver individualized big data insights that everyone can understand - with Kanri Distance Calculator™

Kanri Distance Calculator™

Visit www.kanri-insights.com to see our brief animated video that explains how it works.

Purpose-Driven Solution Development

Apply the power of massive data sets to an individual.

Our proprietary combination of patented statistical and process methods provide a powerfully insightful ability to evaluate large data sets with multiple variables.

Only the Kanri Distance Calculator™ allows users to understand where they stand with respect to a desired target state.

This includes the specific contribution of each variable toward the overall distance from the target state. That means the Kanri model not only calculates the relationship of variables within the overall data set, but more importantly mathematically teases out the interaction between each of them.

Kanri tells users the exact distance from target and variable contributions for EACH study participant!

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