The AI Conference – continue the conversation, San Francisco, June 2 – KDnuggets Offer

AI Conference will focus on emerging technology with a specific focus around projects, teams and people who are working on Artificial General Intelligence and related topics. Use code KDnuggets to save on tickets.

By Courtney Burton, Founder MLconf.

In the last 6 decades we’ve seen spikes and flat lines in developments within the field of Artificial Intelligence. This decade, we’ve seen advancements and incredible buzz, especially this last year. In 2013, Quoc Le, from Google Brain, presented at MLconf on the system learning to identify a cat correctly. Now, just think of the advancements in CNN’s! Companies today are using advanced systems to edit video in real time, image recognition is improving, and all this is becoming possible with less resources.  Image Rec/Vision isn’t the only area of improvement, we’re seeing AI improve and change all industries- Automobiles, Healthcare, Business Applications, Agriculture, to name a few.

The picture isn’t always viewed with rose-colored glasses. Some of the brightest minds, including Elon Musk, Steve Wozniak and Stephen Hawking worry about the potential  threats of advancements in AI.

We’ve wondered about this too! We’ve been writing about it and asking the community to join the conversation. Last year, we hosted a question on Quora about presenting AI from being a dystopian threat to humanity. The response was great. We went on to invite Igor Markov to present his 4-point plan to prevent such a threat at MLconf Seattle. More here and here.

We’d like to continue the conversation. Not just fear mongering about what AI could do to kill us off- but what AI advancements are happening to save us all precious resources, such as time, money and quality of life. Artificial Intelligence started in the 50’s, dating back to a meeting of the minds at Dartmouth, we’d like to continue this tradition. Our theory is that traditional education systems will change and evolve, campuses will become less relevant, more and more people will work from home; but people will still attend conferences and events to network with their peers and learn new techniques to advance their careers. MLconf has grown into a thriving community that continues to amaze us. Now that community is growing again in the shape of a new AI focused event.

Ai Conference 2017The AI Conference, June 2 in San Francisco, will focus on emerging technology in Artificial Intelligence with a specific focus around projects, teams and people who are working on Artificial General Intelligence and related topics. We intend to include talks from experts working on AI applications being developed and used today within various industries, host a panel on the advancements and challenges within conversational bot interfaces, and for the first time at an MLconf event we are hosting a startup track for up-and-coming AI projects to give the stage to new, innovative early stage companies and the AI based products they’re developing.

Current Speakers include:

  • Ashwin Ram, Head of Alexa AI/Amazon
  • Shalini De Mello, Senior Research Scientist, NVIDIA
  • Sanjeev Satheesh, Research Scientist, Baidu
  • Jan F. Morgenthal, Senior Manager AI & Machine Learning at Deutsche Telekom
  • Hussein Mehanna, Director of Engineering, Snapchat
  • Artemy Malkov, CEO, Data Monsters
  • Adam Kell, Partner, Comet Labs
  • Caroline Sinders,Buzzfeed
  • Bear Douglas, Developer Advocate, Slack
  • Rahul Mehrotra, Program Manager, Maluuba
  • David Brin, Author, Futurist

Join us on 06/02 in SF!
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