Speaker Introduction for the Deep Learning Summit & Deep Learning in Healthcare Summit in Boston, 25-26 May (KDnuggets Offer)

Explore the latest advancements in deep learning and their applications in industry and healthcare at the Deep Learning Summit and Deep Learning in Healthcare Summit in Boston, 25-26 May. Use discount code KDNUGGETS to save 20% off all tickets.


RE•WORK’s Deep Learning Summit is returning to Boston to explore the latest advancements in reinforcement learning, robotics, autonomous systems, computer vision and speech recognition and how these are being applied within transport, manufacturing, retail and further industries.

Over the 2 days, hear presentations from the likes of Apple, NASA, Spotify, Facebook, Google, Amazon and Disney Research along with leading academics and innovative startups. We’ve highlighted a few of the industry leaders who will be presenting their latest work:


Charlie Tang is a Research Scientist at Apple, his research interests include deep learning, neuroscience and robotics and his presentation will focus on the advancements and applications of Deep Reinforcement Learning.

Sangram Ganguly is the Senior Research Scientist at NASA Ames Research Centre and the BAER Institute. He will be discussing scaling deep learning models for satellite image recognition on the Nasa Earth Exchange Platform.

David Murgatroyd is the Machine Learning Lead at Spotify. His work has focused on natural language processing and his presentation on Agile Deep Learning will explore integrating deep learning into the agile cadence of a modern software development organization.

View the full event schedule here: https://re-work.co/events/deep-learning-health-boston-2017/schedule

Artificial Intelligence has the potential to completely transform modern day healthcare. The Deep Learning in Healthcare Summit will focus on the revolutionary advancements in personalised medicine, E-health records, drug discovery, medical imaging and explore some of the companies paving the way for the future of healthcare and medicine including Merck, Philips Research, Recursion Pharmaceutical, Proscia, Waya.AI and many more. Here are a few of the expert speakers you can meet and learn from in the Healthcare track:


Avanti Shrikumar is a PhD Student in the department of Computer Science at Stanford University. Her work focuses on applying deep learning models in regulatory genomics and she will explain the novel algorithms that address significant limitations of previous approaches to interpretability.   

Junshui Ma is the Senior Principal Scientist at Merck where he works on drug research and development. He will consider if deep neural networks can outperform existing methods in molecular prediction activity.

Daniel Golden is the Director of Machine Learning at Arterys, a startup focused on streamlining the practice of medical image interpretation and post-processing. He will explain how their product will reduce the tedium of radiology.

View the full event schedule here: https://re-work.co/events/deep-learning-health-boston-2017/schedule

Why you should attend:

  • RE•WORK won’t be back to Boston until 2018! (although they will be bringing together AI pioneers again in Montreal in Oct)
  • The two events will share a joint networking and exhibition area and attendees will be free to move between session rooms to enjoy presentations from both agendas. Companies attending include Novartis, Adobe, GSK, Roche, Audi, Elsevier, The MITRE Corporation, Philips, RBC and many more.
  • Key Investors and Press will be in attendance!
  • The events will also feature a dedicated Job Board and Talent focused networking session for those looking to hire or be hired!

Join a global audience and register your place now! Sign up for the Deep Learning Summit here and the Deep Learning in Healthcare Summit here or you can contact Katie via kpollitt@re-work.co for more information.

Interested in showcasing your startup?

The event provides the perfect opportunity to demo and showcase the latest AI technology and applications. If you know any innovative new companies working in the field, suggest them here!

Can’t make it to this event?

The next Deep Learning Summit takes place in Singapore on 27 & 28 April, then London on 21 & 22 September and finally Montreal on 12 & 13 October. The next healthcare focused event, the Machine Intelligence in Healthcare Summit, is taking place in Hong Kong in November. View the full calendar of events here.

RE•WORK have a new and improved Video Hub platform where you can access the event content on-demand; including the presentations, slides, panel discussions and expert interviews. Email Chloe on cpang@re-work.co if you’d like information on introductory membership pricing.

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