Webinar: A New Era of Data Science – Unlocking Big Data Insights with Machine Learning and Spark, May 31

Learn about Big Data technologies and trends, Democratizing Big Data analytics, Big Data and the Cloud, and more in this webcast with top experts Dean Abbott and Mamdouh Refaat.

Angoss Webinar Ml Spark 2017 May

It is inevitable that organizations will continue to accrue vast amounts of data, not only from traditional sources that are product level focused but also from digital outlets such as mobile devices, social media networks or the Internet of Things. Accumulation of data collected from these sources is also known as Big Data. Regardless of where the data comes from organizations have instinctively determined that Big Data is a precious asset, one that can positively shape the direction of the business.

As organizations make the shift towards Big Data they direct their focus towards:
  • Adopting Big Data technologies like Hadoop & Spark
  • Implementing open standards and libraries
  • Using new data sources for decision making
  • Creating heterogeneous analytics teams that are comprised of various skills and tools
  • Integrating with Enterprise applications and BI tools
  • IT centralization
  • Increasing focus on Security and Governance
As a result, adoption of Big Data enabled data science platforms is on the rise across the enterprise in all verticals and industries. In the 2017 Forrester PAML Wave, "Forrester forecasts a 15% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for the PAML market through 2021." The rising need for data science applications reinforces the seemingly undeniable fact that a single, fully integrated platform is key to enabling data access, processing and data insight extraction.

Join us on May 31st, at 1PM ET (10 AM PT) for

A New Era of Data Science - Unlocking Big Data Insights with Machine Learning and Spark [Live Webcast]

with Dean Abbott, internationally recognized data mining and predictive analytics expert and Dr. Mamdouh Refaat, Senior Vice President and Chief Data Scientist at Angoss, for a discussion on:
  • Big Data technologies and trends
  • Democratizing Big Data analytics
  • Big Data and the Cloud
  • Importance of Data Science: Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning, AI, and BI
  • Overcoming Big Data challenges
  • Operationalizing your business and eliminating costs
  • Finding a collaborative data science platform that unifies infrastructure, technology, and data science teams
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