MLTrain: transitioning academic theory to practice

Learn how to master Machine Learning by understanding the theory behind. MLTrain also teaches the concepts and helpful tricks of key systems like TensorFlow and how to code machine learning algorithms using it.

Being Practical with Deep/Machine Learning

TensorFlow (TF) is the state of the art platform for deep learning and AI applications. In our MLTrain events we teach you the concepts and helpful 'tricks' of TF and how to code machine learning algorithms using it. In our workshops you don't just copy notebooks, you learn how to build and deal with pitfalls and bugs.

Learn how to code academic papers

MLTrain has partnered with major academic conferences such as UAI to bring theory to industry. During the joint day with ICML we are delivering a mega training event to teach you how to code distinguished academic papers using TensorFlow (Google AI platform), CNTK (Microsoft AI platform), MXNet (Amazon AI platform), PyTorch (Facebook AI platform).

Connect Theory with Practice

Learn how to master Machine Learning by understanding the theory behind it. In our MLTrain events we don't just give you out of the box recipes for running ML/DL algorithms.
Our experienced university professors and well estabilished professionals connect theory with practice.

Corporate Training

We offer custom training workshops for corporations. The syllabus is tailored to fit your specific corporate needs and can range from elementary data science all the way to advanced topics in machine learning and deep learning with a focus on applications of particular interest to your organization. We cover topics from recent Machine Learning conferences like ICML, UAI, NIPS, ICLR.

Upcoming Events

Executive ML in South Africa

eXe-ML is a new conference and training event aspiring to evangelize Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in an emerging market. Join us as we kick off in Johannesburg this September. This 2-day event will encompass one day of lectures and presentations from academics and industry experts and a second day of hands-on training and implementation using real data.

MLTrain in New York

This is the fourth training event for 2017. After Atlanta we return to NY with a 2 day Deep Learning TensorFlow training event, that will cover introductory and advanced material. Learn how to code in tensorFlow as well as the recent advances in Text, Images and Time Series. Find out more.

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