The Evolving Science of Sentiment and Emotion AI, Sentiment Analysis Symposium, June 27-28

News, sentiment, and emotion drive markets - consumer markets and financial markets, making text and sentiment analysis essential tools for research and insights. Using code KDNUGGETS to save - early reg by May 31.

A Bayesian approach would say that the  Sentiment Analysis Symposium 2017 Sentiment Analysis Symposium will likely resemble prior years' conferences, or we could model year-on-year changes to extrapolate trends and predict future content. But there's no need for all that. The program's out, for the June 27-28, 2017 conference, and we're happy once again to have KDnuggets as a conference partner.

Our key premise is that news, sentiment, and emotion drive markets - consumer markets and financial markets - making natural language processing (NLP) and text and sentiment analysis essential tools for research and insights professionals, data scientists, quants, and strategists. The key message is that modern technologies can extract and contextualize this data, making it available for uses that range from microtargeted marketing to suicide prevention and quantitative trading strategies.

As in previous years, we will have lots of content surrounding NLP, speech analytics, machine learning, and other technologies, and business use cases around market research, consumer insights, media analysis, and finance. There's also a discernible delta: more content on the emotion-outcome link, for customer experience and consumer and financial market decision-making. This baseline, and the evolution, reflect broad and specialized market needs and larger-scale AI technology trends.

So while last year we had Dan Kuster, Indico speak on The Unreasonable Advantages of Deep Learning, this year we have Mikhail Dubov, Chattermill speaking on Human + Machine NOT Human vs Machine - linking machine learning and human insight - and Kathryn Hume, currently president of Fast Forward Labs, on Commercializing AI Research.

Last year we had Anjali Lai, Forrester Research present a keynote, Turn Emotion into Business Impact, while this year, Howard Lax of Kantar TNS will speak on The Amnesiac Customer: Emotions, Memories & the Customer Experience, and Thomas Wilson from Uber and Rob Key from Converseon will present on Measuring Emotions in Brand Health.

My purpose writing now is to communicate the immense value, and the enormous possibilities, in the application of AI to human understanding, to extraction and application of sentiment, opinion, and emotion data from social, online, and enterprise sources. Support for what I write is evident in 2016 Sentiment Analysis Symposium presentations, available online .

And the promise is conveyed by the 2017 speaker line-up - in the plenary program day, and in the day two, June 28 workshops covering NLP & Sentiment in Finance, Data Science an Technology, Customer Journey Transformation, and Text Analytics for Market Research & Consumer Insights.

I hope you'll join us June 27-28 in New York, and benefit from a special 15% discount using the KDNUGGETS registration code, on top of an early-registration discount through May 31. See you there?