New Speakers Announced for the European Machine Intelligence Summit & Machine Intelligence in Autonomous Vehicles Summit in Amsterdam, 28-29 June

Explore the cutting-edge technology leading the way in Machine Intelligence and Autonomous Vehicles and it’s applications in industry at the Amsterdam Summits on June 28th & 29th. Use the discount code KDNUGGETS to save 20% on all tickets.

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After a hugely successful Machine Intelligence Summit and Machine Intelligence in Autonomous Vehicles Summit in San Francisco earlier this year, the European strand of RE•WORK’s events are coming to Amsterdam this June 28 & 29. These events will bring together key influencers to share the advancements in their industries.

This will be a two track event with both tracks running over 2 days. Track one, Machine Intelligence in Autonomous Vehicles Summit, will see speakers from the likes of TomTom, Toyota Motor Europe and Mapillary, showcasing the next generation of connected vehicles. Track two, Machine Intelligence Summit , will bring industry experts together to showcase the rise of intelligent machines and how they are impacting giant industries such as transport, healthcare, retail and others. This event will host speakers from Zalando, L’Oreal, Lyst and many more.

Machine Intelligence in Autonomous Vehicles Summit

The pace of advancement in autonomous vehicles is astounding, and throughout the summit there will be speakers from the forefront of the industry sharing their most recent advancements. They will showcase the next generation of connected vehicles, powered by the IoT, AI, connected devices, sensors, virtual assistants, wearables and predictive intelligence.


Pablo Puente Guillen is a full time researcher in the Safety Research & Technical Affairs division at Toyota Motor Europe and is responsible for assessing the current and future safety protocols for ADAS and automated vehicles. He will explore the current safety concerns of automated vehicles (HAV; SAE level 3 and 4) and the challenges to effectively assess the safety impact of HAV.

Complimenting his work, Sjoerd van der Zwaan, CTO of 2getthere will delve into his robotics and computer vision background to discuss how the company successfully installed the first permanent fleet of autonomous shuttles in Dubai. These shuttles are pushing towards the progressions that Hans Anderson, PhD candidate from University of Singapore, is working towards. In advance of Hans’ talk on future outlook robot motion planning he said “Hopefully with converging standards and regulations, we can see more connected autonomous vehicles operating cooperatively in the near future.”

Whilst these shuttles operate on a pre-mapped route separated from other traffic, Jim Aldon D’Souza of TomTom explores the contrasting challenges in the mapping aspects of self-driving technology. He will also be speaking about the challenges faced in the perception and localisation aspects of autonomous vehicles and how TomTom are using machine intelligence to overcome these issues.

Additional confirmed speakers include Pejvan Beigui, CTO, EasyMile; Jonathan Cohen, CIO & Managing Partner, RoboCap; Jan Erik Solem, Co-founder & CEO, Mapillary

View the full event schedule here.

Machine Intelligence Summit

Intelligent machines are on the rise both in daily life and in business. This summit will explore when machine intelligence meets AI and will touch on how these machines can impact daily life. Topics will be covered by industry experts and will delve into speech and image recognition, natural language processing, and computer vision. As a disruptive industry, we will be exploring how AI will have a direct impact on transport, manufacturing, healthcare, retail and more.


Predominantly focusing on machine learning, Dr. Neal Lathia is a senior data scientist for Skyscanner and he will discuss how they have bootstrapped a destination recommender system using the rich implicit data generated by Skyscanner’s millions of users, simple algorithmic approaches, and experiments that gauge how localised and personalised recommendation affects user engagement.

Demonstrating the variety of industries that benefit from machine intelligence, we will hear how AI benefits the subjectivity and ever changing opinions of the fashion industry. Roland Vollgraf from Zalando  is working to help identify personalised articles - even hypothetical ones that don’t yet exist- to bring order into the chaotic world of fashion articles.

As the CEO of Harman Cyber, Tanya Harris has built her UK based company to provide protection against the insider threat of Cyber Security. This is a particularly pressing threat in the finance and health sector, and Harris will expand on the ‘changing landscape of data protection’ that makes it essential for ‘CEO’s, CFO’s and DPO’s to start to turn their attention within’.

Additional confirmed speakers include Panagiotis-Alexandros Bokari, Augmented Reality Engineer, L'Oréal; Pavlos Mitsoulis-Ntompos, Senior Data Scientist, Lyst; Ingo Waldmann, Senior Research Scientist, UCL; Peter Tegelaar, Chief Data Scientist, Catawiki, and many more.

View the full event schedule here.

Why Attend?

  • There will be a unique opportunity to connect with a global audience of influential technologists, CEOs, and to see cutting-edge technologies presented by startups
  • Attendees are welcome to listen in on sessions in both Machine Intelligence and Autonomous Vehicles
  • Confirmed attendees include Accel Partners, IBM, Huawei technologies, CloudMade, Vodafone, NVIDIA, Airbus, Shopify, ING, Lamborghini and many more

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Can’t make it to this event?

RE•WORK have events scheduled up until October 2018, and our next Machine Intelligence Summit will be held in Hong Kong 12 & 13 April 2018.

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