Big Data Innovation, Data Visualization Summits, Boston, Sep 7-8

Visualize your data, Demonstrate its value, and tailor your pitch - learn how from the industry leaders in Boston.

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Big Data Innovation & Data Visualization Summits
September 7 & 8, Boston
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Do your C-level executives fully support your organization 's data and analytics strategies? 

It is not just important to get buy-in from the C-suite for a data initiative to be successful, all employees must be on board and put data at the heart of their decision making.
1) Visualize Your Data 
Data visualization essentially provides your data with a narrative, allowing you to better communicate insights you have uncovered and making it easier for everyone in your organization to understand.
Learn how you can harness powerful visualization techniques from MasterCard, TripAdvisor, The Honest Company, Pfizer and more at the  Data Visualization Summit.

2) Demonstrate Value
In order to get buy-in, you need to demonstrate why a data project is worth people's time. You do this by showing how analytics is already helping both other departments within your organization and the same department within other organizations .
Join 400+ data experts at the Big Data Innovation Summit to take away best practices and key learnings from proven case studies on machine learning, product development, organizational  strategy and more.

3) Tailor Your Pitch
Find ways to relate to people so you can show where and how data analysis can help them make better business decisions.
Purchase an Access-All-Areas pass for the Big Data Innovation & Data Visualization Summits for an array of content, you can choose from over 90 presentations and pick the most relevant to you.  

Ensure you attend the Boston data events on September 7 & 8 to meet industry forerunners and increase your chances of success! 
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