Analytically Speaking Featuring Pedro Saraiva, July 12

Former academician and now Portugal MP Pedro Saraiva says that Parliaments and societies will improve if more people with a good statistical background become MP. Learn about the paradoxes and issues in statistics and politics.

Analytically Speaking Featuring Pedro Saraiva

When: Wednesday, July 12, 2017
1-2 pm ET, 10-11 am PT

JMP Analytically Speaking After many years in academia using statistics to conduct research activities, Pedro Saraiva ran for election as a Member of the National Parliament of Portugal. He shares examples from this challenging experience, as well as evidence of how statistical thinking and fact-based approaches can provide a better understanding about how Parliaments work and a basis for better policy. Saraiva claims that Parliaments and societies are likely to improve if more people with a good statistical background accept the challenge of becoming a MP, at least for a while.

On the table for discussion:

  • The three societal paradoxes underpinning the lack of data-driven decision making in politics.
  • The Parliament numbers game.
  • Why there is no statistical evidence to blame the opposition party for the economy.
  • How visualizations can help improve the quality of laws.
  • Why facts are an asset in an aggressive political environment.

Expertise: statistics, elections, chemical engineering, data analysis, decision making, politics

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