JupyterCon – Collaborative Data Science, New York, August 22-25

Bloomberg, Microsoft, Netflix and others found how Jupyter Notebook - the new front end for collaborative data science - make data a competitive advantage. Save an extra 20% with code PCKDNG.

JupyterCon, New York City, August 22-25, 2017

Bloomberg, Microsoft, Continuum, Netflix and many others have discovered how Jupyter Notebook-the new front end for collaborative data science-can transform data into competitive advantage.

And they're coming to JupyterCon to share the story of how they did it, so you can learn to scale your analytics to create business value from data-and transform your organization.

The inaugural JupyterCon, hosted by NumFOCUS and O'Reilly Media, is coming to New York August 22-25. The Jupyter team will offer deep dives into the technical aspects of Jupyter Notebook (and other open source Jupyter tools). Best practices. Inspirational keynotes. A look at how the entire Jupyter architecture can be used to tackle problems. An insider's glimpse at what's coming. And one or two surprises.

If you'd like to be a part of this, register soon, space is limited.
Save an extra 20% with code PCKDNG.

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