World class keynote speakers at Predictive Analytics World Healthcare, Oct in New York

Predictive Analytics World for Healthcare in NYC, Oct 29-Nov 2, brings together the leading experts on core analytical and machine learning techniques for healthcare.

Predictive Analytics World for Healthcare - Swallow this Pill, Build a Knowledge Kitchen
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Meet Two of the Keynotes at PAW Healthcare

Predictive Analytics World for Healthcare in NYC, Oct 29-Nov 2, brings together the leading experts on core analytical and machine learning techniques for healthcare. You’ll hear real-world examples of deployed predictive analytics. This is the premier, cross-vendor networking event, revealing how predictive analytics improves patient care, reduces costs, and brings greater efficiencies to the healthcare industry.

We start with a man who wants you to swallow a battery.

Dr. George Savage, Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer, Proteus Digital Health

Dr. Savage has started ten companies since 1989 as entrepreneur or founding investor, including FemRx (acquired by Johnson and Johnson), CardioRhythm (acquired by Medtronic) and QRx Pharmaceuticals (ASX IPO). He serves on the boards of Menlo Healthcare Ministry and Silent Cal Productions. In his keynote, Dr. Savage addresses how predictive analytics methods can bridge the chasm that exists in chronic disease management between treatment benefits demonstrated under controlled clinical circumstances—efficacy—and results seen in the real world—effectiveness. The secret? Good Data. For that, we need to deploy new medical device and wellness sensor platforms to close the feedback loop between lifestyle, therapy and response, leveraging mobile connectivity and the Internet of Things.

Where do we get good data? From your gizzard.

"We have a small, food-particle-sized piece of silicon, an integrated circuit, and on one side of that circuit is a film of copper, on the other side a very thin film of magnesium," explained Proteus Digital Health co-founder Dr. George Savage. "When you swallow, these minerals get wet and two dissimilar metals in aqueous contact define a battery, so you become a battery." From there, the powered pill sensor sends a signal to a patch worn on the body, which sends data via Bluetooth to a phone or tablet and on to the cloud for a doctor or caregiver.*

Next up, is a woman who looks at the IT department as kitchen builders and analysts as chefs.

Dr. Pamela Peele, Chief Analytics Officer, UPMC Health Plan & UMPC Enterprises
Data solutions don’t benefit the organization if the message doesn’t penetrate the corporate suite and directly influence decision making. “If your organization can’t consume the information that comes out of your knowledge kitchen and turn it into energy for running the company, you’re wasting your entire investment.”

“At UPMC we turn massive amounts of big data into information and, more importantly, into new knowledge, and we use that new knowledge to understand new models of delivering care, particularly personalized medicine. Not only delivering the care, but concurrently developing new models of financially supporting that care because we're both a delivery and a financing system. We're an integrated delivery financing system, an IDFS, which gives us the best opportunity to figure out new ways to produce care and finance that care.”*

And those are just two of the keynotes.

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