Deep Learning Algorithms are Changing the Future. Are You Missing Out?

Until recently, deep learning alluded to the big names in tech such as Amazon, Facebook, and Google as having a clear use for these tools. Whilst these are some of the key players in AI and DL implementation, there are also huge advantages for their applications in businesses and everyday enterprises.

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RE•WORK’s AI and Deep Learning Summits provide the unique opportunity to network with global experts in AI as well as hearing presentations on their latest research breakthroughs, product developments, and business applications. Are you just starting out implementing AI in your business, or are you keen to learn more about your DL model from industry giants such as Google Brain, DeepMind, Facebook, NVIDIA and more?

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This September 21-22, RE•WORK are hosting the Deep Learning Summit, and the AI Assistant Summit in London and are welcoming thought leaders Ankur Handa, OpenAI; Irina Higgins, DeepMind; Fabrizio Silvestri, Facebook; Ed Newton-Rex, Jukedeck; Anne Hsu, University of London; Aakrit Vaish, Haptik; amongst others. To join leading minds and hear about the most cutting-edge advancements in AI, register now.

“Extremely well-organized & intellectually stimulating event, with excellent speakers, audience interaction and participation” (Virtual Assistant Summit, San Francisco, 2017)
Bart Selman, Professor of Computer Science, Cornell University

If you can’t make it to London, the next AI Assistant Summit is being hosted in San Francisco alongside the Deep Learning Summit and Deep Learning for Enterprise Summit, January 25-26. RE•WORK are running a Summer Special Promotion, and you can save 25% on any 2018 Summit when you check out with the code SUMMER. These Summits have sold out in previous years, so register now to guarantee your spot.  

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AI Assistants
Siri, Alexa, Cortana and Google Assistant may be known as ‘The Big Four’, but there are many other companies working on AI assistants, pushing boundaries in natural language processing (NLP) to create chatbots and assistants that form more personalised, emotional connections with the user.

This September, we will hear from Ann Hsu, Assistant Professor at University of London who will discuss her research in the automation of natural language conversations that can form more meaningful relationships to meet the customer's needs. By conversing in this manner, systems can provide behaviour change support by delivering in-the-moment help and elevating user self-awareness, and helping users to feel more connected to the customer service provider.

Other confirmed speakers include Vijay Ramakrishnan, MindMeld (Cisco); Alan Nichol, Rasa; Alex Fawcett, Sage; and more.

You can read more from RE•WORK about AI Assistants in the news.

Deep Learning
Most deep learning algorithms today need vast amounts of data, with thousands (or more!) of labeled examples. At the Deep Learning Summit we will hear how companies are leveraging their data to optimise their results, as well as learning about implementing semi-supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms. Last year at the DL Summit in London in a fireside chat with Ben Medlock, founder of SwiftKey, we heard about how the keyboard app is implementing deep learning and natural language processing to perfect its model.

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Watch the chat with Ben to see the types of topics RE•WORK cover and what to expect from the Summit.

Confirmed speakers for the event include Jörg Bornschein, DeepMind; Fabrizio Silvestri, Facebook; Eli David, Deep Instinct; Ankur Handa, OpenAI; Feryal Behbahani, Imperial College; and more.

About RE•WORK:
Since the first RE•WORK Summit in 2013, the all female run AI events company has brought together thousands of industry experts to share their breakthrough technology and latest advancements in the field. Each event showcases the opportunities of exponentially accelerating technologies to positively disrupt industry and society. Year on year we have welcomed new attendees, speakers and partners as well as returning attendees who continue to benefit from the wealth of knowledge.

"By bringing together key influencers to share cutting-edge research and developments we can explore how to successfully integrate breakthrough technology and engage key business leaders and entrepreneurs in discussions to shape and re-work the future". RE•WORK founder, Nikita Johnson.

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