What data has to teach us about deep learning?

Budapest is calling Data Scientists and Data engineers to CRUNCH Conference, Oct 18-20. CRUNCH will feature talks from Google, Airbnb, Tesla, LinkedIn, Netflix, Uber, and more. Use code KDnuggetsAtCrunch to save.

How Netflix is improving its data platform to find the next House of Cards with a click of a mouse? How Tesla is making autonomous driving safer by using machine-generated data? How Google uses pattern matching and prediction in AI development? A few questions you can get an answer at CRUNCH, a use case heavy Data Engineering and Analytics conference in Budapest, organised by Prezi and IBM Budapest Lab between October 19-20. This year's conference is about building the finest data driven businesses. A data engineering and a data analytics track will serve diverse business needs and many levels of expertise.

Crunch 2017 Budapest
Crunch conference (www.crunchconf.com)
will have 24 talks, including a keynote from Melanie Warrick, Google's Senior Developer Advocate. Previously she was the a founding engineer on Deeplearning4J and implemented machine learning (ML) in production at Change.org. Melanie will speak about using ML in production. She says it doesn't happen in a vacuum, so here containers and cloud systems can help. Containers create isolated environments to easily setup servers and safely run the software. Cloud systems give flexible access to hardware resources without the cost and pain to build it out and maintain it all. This talk will walk through an example of how to implement a machine learning algorithm using containers in the cloud.

Netflix's big data platform architecture leader, Charles Smith will give a talk on how are they using big data to spot the next big hit? Charles leads the Big Data Platform Architecture team at Netflix, responsible for envisioning how the data platform allows data scientists to make Netflix's service even better. The dream is that, given your data and a question, you can find the next House of Cards with a click of the mouse. What memory requirements and stack traces can help in achieving this goal? His talk will explore the past, present, and some of the future of the Netflix data platform, as well as how they are prioritizing work that will make it easier to focus on data problems rather than the complexities of the platform.

Another prodigy child of the IT industry, Tesla will be represented at Crunch conference by Gabor Szabo. He leads the Autopilot Maps team at Tesla to bring fully autonomous driving to the world. Tesla's vision is that with Autopilot driving is safer. To achieve this dream, they apply fleet learning to a number of driving scenarios that requires the collection and the processing of streams of anonymized machine-generated data.

So, all in all, if you are a Data Engineer, Data Scientist, Product Manager or simply interested how to utilise data to develop your business, Crunch conference is for you. No matter the size of your company or the volume of your data you can learn from the Biggest players of Big Data.

Crunch conference had 620 visitors from 23 countries and 169 companies last year, making this event by far the most prestigious and biggest data conference in the region. Crunch conference will come with a workshop day on October 18 focused on Deep Learning, developing in R and data infrastructures. In addition to the great talks about data, visitors can attend the Amuse UX conference held parallel to learn how to design products that users love.

Don't forget to use the discount code KDnuggetsAtCrunch that saves you 35$ when you select a Regular ticket at www.crunchconf.com

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