IAPA National Conference on “Advancing Analytics,” October 18, Melbourne

Only three weeks until the IAPA National Conference "Advancing Analytics", October 18, Melbourne - don't miss this one-day to get up-to-date, meet with peers and hear from global leaders. KDNuggets readers receive a further 10% off full priced tickets, simply use the code ‘AAKDNUGGETS10’ at checkout.

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Don’t miss out on the IAPA National Conference – “Advancing Analytics”

Analytics is a magnet for hype and hyperbole. Media, trend-spotters and new-age, spotlight-seeking data-wannabes use advances in data and analytics to make (fake) headlines. For business it’s important not to lose focus on the business impact of real-world analytics and the data science substance behind the hype and hyperbole.

The international experts speaking at the IAPA National Conference “Advancing Analytics” are all about substance, eschewing the hype in preference to the real-world needs of analytics in business. 18 October will be an informative and inspiring day for analytics professionals and business decision makers alike.

Don’t miss the impressive line-up of international and local speakers discussing, big data, AI, machine learning, predictive analytics and more.
Get to know our speakers:

  • Natalie Evans Harris, COO and VP of Ecosystem Development, BrightHive (US) and former Senior Policy Advisor to the Obama Administration is a champion of open data and collaboration and a cybersecurity leader, having worked at the top level of the US government as a Senior Policy Advisor to the Chief Technology Officer under President Barack Obama, a legislative fellow to Senator Cory Booker and as manager at the National Security Agency (NSA) for over 16 years. Read more.
  • From beat cop to CDO of Chicago Police in 7 years, Brett Goldstein, Managing Partner, Ekistic Ventures (US) and former Chief Information Officer and Chief Data Officer, Chicago City is best known for unlocking crime data from across the Chicago PD, and overlaying that data with predictive analytics tools to create what colloquially became known as ‘murder maps’. Read more.
  • Halim Abbas, VP of Data Science, Cognoa (US) uses his tech background and expertise in Machine Learning to solve human-centric conundrums. At Cognoa his work with predictive analytics is allowing screening for autism and other developmental disorders among young children as early as 18 months, years before current medical tests are able to diagnose such conditions. Read more.

Check out the full line-up of speakers here.

Plus, this year IAPA introduces the 'Get Technical' stream so hands-on practitioners can get technical with data, case studies, technologies and approaches - such as the technical aspects of “Machine Learning and AI in practice (and beyond) using Tensorflow”.

KDNuggets readers receive a further 10% off full priced tickets, simply use the code ‘AAKDNUGGETS10’ at checkout. Time is running out, book your tickets today!