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RE•WORK's biggest global AI event is returning to San Francisco this January

At the Deep Learning Summit in Montreal earlier this month, RE•WORK were joined by 'the Godfathers of AI', Yann LeCun, Yoshua Bengio and Geoffrey Hinton who each presented their most recent work in deep learning, as well as appearing in an exclusive panel discussion together where they shared their research progressions and advancements. 
Read their panel discussion here
As well as these pioneers, speakers from Google, DeepMind, Facebook, Pinterest, ElementAI, NVIDIA, Twenty Billion Neurons, Maluuba and many more presented, exhibited, and ran workshops. RE•WORK summits provide the opportunity for attendees and speakers to network and share their thoughts and research in the space as well as providing a platform for announcements. In Montreal, Twenty Billion Neurons announced a recent breakthrough in their research where 'video systems are now able to accurately recognize highly complex human behaviours in video, which had been entirely unthinkable until now.'  
Find out what you missed here. 

Use the code KDNUGGETS to save an additional 20% on our San Francisco events. Sign up before the end of Early Bird registration (tomorrow, October 20) and you will save on top of the RE•WORK discount!

New speakers announced include:

  • Pararth Shah: Software Engineer (Machine Intelligence), Google
  • Thomas Kollar: Senior Machine Learning Scientist, Amazon
  • Ankir Jain: Data Scientist, Uber
  • Miao Lu: Research Scientist, Yahoo Labs
  • Christian Szegedy: Staff Research Scientist, Google
And many more who you can view here.
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Additionally in San Francisco on January 23, RE•WORK will be hosting the Women in Machine Intelligence Dinner where we will learn from influential women in MI. Already confirmed are:
  • Shivani Rao: Senior Applied Researcher, LinkedIn
  • Annie Liu: Research Scientist, Machine Learning News Feed, Facebook
  • Cristina Scheau: Engineer Manager, Computer Vision, Applied ML, Facebook
Super Early Bird passes are on sale for the AI Assistant Summit, Deep Learning in Finance Summit, and the Deep Learning in Retail & Advertising Summit in London next March 15 & 16. The discount ends next week on October 27, so register now to guarantee your place. 
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