Call for Bids to Host KDD-202x

ACM SIGKDD Executive Committee hereby invites proposals to host the annual KDD Conference in 2020 and later. Proposals due Jan 31, 2018.

By Ankur Teredesai, Information Director, ACM SIGKDD

KDD ACM SIGKDD Executive Committee hereby invites proposals to host the annual KDD Conference in 2020 and later. The conference should typically take place in August. The number of attendees to a KDD conference are likely to exceed 2500.

Proposals due: January 31, 2018.
Email to the SIGKDD Chair: Jian Pei,

KDD is the flagship conference of ACM SIGKDD and the premier research conference on data science and data mining. Proposals for hosting KDD-2020 or later should include information on (if you do not have all the information, please provide as much as possible):

  • Benefit to the proposed location and to KDD community
  • General chair(s), if possible, SIGKDD prefers an integral team from both academia and industry
  • Local Arrangement Chair(s) if the general chairs are not local to the proposed location
  • Location (accessibility; conference venue, e.g., hotel or university; accommodations, e.g., hotels, motels, student dorms, their capacities)
  • Proposed dates (and flexibility)
  • Local data mining community (research and industry)
  • Meeting venues (space for plenary sessions, tutorials, workshops, posters, exhibits)
  • Food/entertainment/banquet/receptions
  • Sponsorships, particularly those from local industry and governments
  • Budget estimates
Please be advised that the program committee chairs are selected by the EC independently and are not proposed by the general chair(s).

Proposals will be evaluated based on the following site selection criteria (unordered):

  • Experience of the team and familiarity with the KDD conference. We require the general chairs to have attended a KDD conference in recent years.
  • Local KDD community support
  • Local government and industry support
  • Accessibility and attractiveness of the proposed site
  • Adequacy of conference and exhibit facilities for the anticipated number of registrants
  • Adequacy of budget projections and expected surplus
  • Geographical and national balance with regard to the previous conferences in San Diego (2011), Beijing (2012), Chicago (2013), New York City (2014), Sydney (2015), San Francisco (2016), Halifax, Canada (2017), London, UK (2018), and Anchorage (2019).
Please send proposals electronically to the SIGKDD Chair: Jian Pei,

If you intend to submit a proposal, please let us know as soon as you can.