Best Masters in Data Science and Analytics – Europe Edition

The third part of our comprehensive, unbiased survey of graduate programs in Data Science and Analytics, examining the programs from Europe.


  • Delft University of Technology's MS in Computer Science-Data Science and Technology track. In the Data Science and Technology track of this program, you will learn how to engineer and develop systems capable of processing and interpreting massive data sets to extract important information. Fundamental and practical issues of the analysis of data will be addressed, including e.g. security of data and software, visualization of information, decision making from data, and high performance computing algorithms. (24-month program, $4,654 EU, $35,186 Non-EU; full tuition, CS Rank: 75)
  • Eindhoven U. of Technology Master of Science in Data Science in Engineering. This is a joint master program of Mathematics and Computer Science which can be studied as a special track in either the Computer Science and Engineering Master or the Industrial and Applied Mathematics Master. The program includes several core courses as well as great freedom of choice in the form of electives. The core courses span a wide range of computer science and statistics courses and include base competences such as: Process Mining, Data Mining, Algorithms, Visualization, Real-life data challenges, Statistics for Big Data, Statistical Learning Theory, and Probability and Stochastic Processes. (24-month program, $35,540 full tuition)
  • JADS Joint Master ​Data Science ​& ​Entrepreneurship The two-year MSc Data Science and Entrepreneurship is a truly interdisciplinary business, technology, and analytics program. It synthesizes the unique key strengths of Eindhoven University of Technology and Tilburg University: the technological know-how of Eindhoven with the business, legal and societal insights of Tilburg.  (24-month program, $4,860 EU, $35,540 non-EU full tuition)
  • Leiden U. M.Sc. in Data Science: Statistical Science. This specialisation gives you a better understanding of statistical models, especially in relation to Data Science, including their application and interpretation in a broad range of empirical research. With this knowledge you’ll be able to critically study scientific research and develop new models and techniques. Topics which will be discussed within this programme are Data Mining, Machine Learning, Networks, Pattern Recognition, and Deep Learning. M.Sc. in Data Science: Computer Science option available, visit here for more information. (24-month program, $4,860 EU & Citizens, $41,980 Non-EU full tuition)
  • Radboud U. Master in Computing Science: Data Science. In this program you’ll learn how to turn data into knowledge with the help of computers and how to translate that knowledge into solutions. (24-month program, $25,600 full tuition)
  • University of Amsterdam's Master's in Information Systems: Data Science track. In this one-year program, you will acquire knowledge of the theories and tools used in data science. We will teach you how to use these tools for working with data in different domains, such as Healthcare, Media and Communication, Smart City, Life Sciences and Digital Humanities. (12-month program, $19,369 full tuition)
  • Tilburg U. Master Track Data Science Business and Governance, focusing on knowledge and expertise in the area of data analysis and data mining, but also in economic, management and legal perspectives on big data. Answering the growing need in governmental organizations, companies and academia for employees with analytical skills (12-month program, $2,430 EU, $19,369 full tuition)
  • Tilburg U. Master Track Business Analytics and Operations Research, teaches generic Data Science and Optimization methods that allow you to solve decision problems in a wide variety of applications. (12-month program, $2,430 EU, $19,369 full tuition)
  • Utrecht U. Master in Applied Data Science. The Master’s program trains you to be an expert in current and upcoming data science methods and techniques. You will be doing the full cycle of knowledge discovery research, both by following relevant courses and doing a research project. This program is for those who have a strong interest in, and affinity for, performing application-oriented research and the implementation of data science in the field of health. (18-month program, $22,260 EU, $33,060 Non-EU full tuition)


  • Novosibirsk State University's M.Sc. in Big Data Analytics. The innovative project-oriented training in Data Science is led by the minds that envision and the hands that shape the future of the Big Data World. Your diploma will read Master of Science only because our "Wizard" degree is not yet official. (24-month program, $10,400 full tuition)
  • ITMO University's Master's in Machine Learning and Data Analysis. The Machine Learning and Data Analysis Master's program is one of few programs in Russia that offers students to acquire education in the area of data science which is rapidly becoming more and more crucial as we now live in the information age. Students will learn how to use the latest tools and analytical methods to analyze real-world data. It is a great opportunity to study best practices for collection, storage, and retrieval of data, machine learning algorithms and data mining techniques, data visualization and modeling. (24-month program, $3,100 Russian Students, $3,440 International full tuition)
  • Ural Federal University's Master's in Adaptive Data Analysis. This program graduates will be qualified for careers in the fields of Adaptive Data Analysis and Big Data in different industries, areas and forms of ownership, institutions and organizations, including financial, credit and insurance institutions, municipal authorities and the government, academic and institutional research organizations. (24-month program, $5,750 full tuition)


  • IE School of Human Science and Technology's Master in Business Analytics and Big Data. IE’s two Masters in Business Analytics and Big Data are innovative degrees designed to train a new generation of data-driven and innovation-oriented professionals with all the necessary skills to pursue a successful career in Business Analytics and Big Data. (10-month program, $37,352 full tuition)
  • Barcelona Technology School's Master in Big Data Solutions. The Master in Big Data & Innovation Analytics will help you to become an international professional able to discover insights and drive innovation in any organization. You will learn to extract relevant insights from data and to generate strategic solutions for any kind of organization or industry using the most advanced analytics and data technologies. (9-month program, $20,065 full tuition)
  • Barcelona Graduate School of Economics' Master's in Data Science. This program prepares its graduates to design and build data-driven systems for decision-making in the private or public sector, offering a thorough training in predictive, descriptive, and prescriptive analytics. (9-month program, $21,245 full tuition)
  • Universitat de Barcelona's Master in Foundations of Data Science. This program gives the algorithmic and mathematical basis needed for the correct modeling and analysis of data by means of practical oriented sessions, as well as the professional skills for confronting data based projects. It emphasizes the skills related to the understanding of the foundations of the algorithms behind data science and to the skill of modifying and creating new specific algorithms tailored to the data project needs. (12-month program, $3,293 EU, $5,807 full tuition)


  • University of Skövde's Master of Science in Data Science. The program focuses on three main areas: intelligent data analysis, programming and decision support. Example courses are artificial intelligence, data mining, programming, visual analytics and business intelligence. (12-month or 24-month, $30,900 full tuition)
  • Linköping University's M.Sc. in Statistics and Machine Learning. The programme focuses on modern methods from machine learning and database management that use the power of statistics to build efficient models, make reliable predictions and optimal decisions. The programme provides students with unique skills that are among the most valued on the labour market. (24-month program, $23,446 full tuition)


  • École Polytechnic Fédérale de Lausanne's Master of Data Science. This program offers you a comprehensive education, from the foundations to implementation, from algorithms to database architecture, and from information theory to machine learning. The Master program is offered by the School of Computer and Communication Sciences in collaboration with the Institute of Mathematics and the School of Engineering. It is a two-year program and fully taught in English. (24-month program, $2,532 full tuition, CS Rank: 24)
  • ETH's Master in Data Science. The specialized ETH Master's program in data science, offered in collaboration with the Department of Mathematics as well as the Department of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, provides a high quality education geared towards nurturing the next generation of data scientists. It is a two-year program fully taught in English. (24-month program, $2,320 full tuition, CS Rank: 9)
  • Université de Genève's Master of Science in Business Analytics. The program's objectives are to support students to manage, analyse and use data in strategic, tactical and operational decision making under uncertainty; prepare students for an efficient leadership within the digital transformation to create value for businesses and society; and bridge the gap between university education and professional needs. (24-month program, $2,025 full tuition)


  • Imperial College of London's Master of Science in Business Analytics. This is a one-year, full-time program that prepares graduates for a future of data and evidence-based decision making. You will learn from leading practitioners and world-class faculty how to apply the latest academic thinking and analytical and computing tools to help make business decisions. (12-month program, $36,025 full tuition, CS Rank: 12)
  • University of Edinburgh's Master of Science in Data Science. The program is designed to attract students who want to establish a career as a data scientist in industry or the public sector, as well as students who want to explore the area prior to further training such as in our CDT in Data Science. (12-month program, $16,113 EU, $35,895 Non-EU; full tuition, CS Rank: 21)
  • University College of London's Master of Science in Data Science. This MSc will equip students with the analytical tools to design sophisticated technical solutions using modern computational methods and with an emphasis on rigorous statistical thinking. The programme combines training in core statistical and machine learning methodology, beginning at an introductory level, with a range of optional courses covering more specialized knowledge in statistical computing and modeling. (12-month program, $17,443 EU/UK, $35,922 Non EU/UK; full tuition, CS Rank: 37)
  • The London School of Economics' M.Sc. in Data Science. This program provides training in data science methods, emphasising statistical perspectives. You will receive a thorough grounding in theory, as well as the technical and practical skills of data science. (12-month program, $36,000 full tuition, CS Rank: 125)
  • City University of London's M.Sc. in Data Science. This program is for students who have a numerate first degree or can demonstrate numerate skills. Students are often at the early stages of their careers in diverse professions including economics, statistics and computer science. Students will have a curiosity about data, and will want to learn new techniques to boost their career and be part of exciting current industry developments. The program includes some complex programming tasks because of the applied nature of the course, so many students have a mathematics or statistics background and enjoy working with algorithms. (12-month program, $12,725 UK/EU, $27,770 Non-UK/EU, full tuition)
  • University of Southampton's M.Sc. in Data Science. This program will train students to become proficient data scientists. You will gain advanced knowledge in areas such as data mining, machine learning, and data visualization, including state of the art techniques, programming toolkit, and industrial and societal application scenarios. (12-month program, $12,390 UK/EU, $31,793 Non-UK/EU, full tuition)
  • Goldsmiths University of London's M.Sc. in Data Science. The MSc in Data Science will provide you with the technical and practical skills to analyse the big data that is the key to success in future business, digital media and science. (12-month program, $13,180 UK/EU, $21,528 Non-UK/EU full tuition)
  • University of Bath's M.Sc. in Data Science. In this program, you’ll learn strong statistical foundations of universal relevance and develop specialist knowledge of probabilistic machine learning techniques. You will gain expertise in the software technologies that are central to putting this knowledge into practice, addressing the challenges of small and large data sets. (12-month program, $12,725 UK/EU, $28,262 Non-UK/EU full tuition)
  • King's College London's M.Sc. in Data Science. This program is an interdisciplinary study programme that will provide you with advanced technical and practical skills in the collection, collation, curation and analysis of data. It also examines the professional, legal and ethical responsibilities of data scientists. This is an ideal study pathway for graduates with a background in quantitative subjects, or who possess relevant work experience in the current methods and techniques of data science. (12-month program, $13,260 UK/EU, $32,065 Non-UK/EU)
  • University of Glasgow's M.Sc. in Data Science. The Masters in Data Science provides you with a thorough grounding in the analysis and use of large data sets, together with experience of conducting a development project, preparing you for responsible positions in the Big Data and IT industries. As well as studying a range of taught courses reflecting the state-of-the-art and the expertise of our internationally respected academic staff, you will undertake a significant programming team project, and develop your own skills in conducting a data science project. (12-month program, $10,715 UK/EU, $26,990 Non-UK/EU full tuition)
  • University of East London's M.Sc. in Data Science. The MSc in Data Science is aimed at providing opportunities for students who wish to establish expertise and employment in data-centric, largely quantitative areas within a broad range of professional disciplines and areas of employment. A cross-disciplinary approach is therefore central to the delivery of the program. (12-month program,  $10,850 UK/EU, $16,716 Non-UK/EU full tuition)
  • Cardiff University's M.Sc. in Data Science and Analytics. This program aims to provide you with a comprehensive set of skills needed to handle, collect, store and analyse large and complex sets of data. You will be taught by subject experts from both the School of Mathematics and the School of Computer Science and Informatics, which will allow you to see the topic from different perspectives and provides access to a wide range of modules across both Schools. (12-month program, $11,990 UK/EU, $26,722 Non-UK/EU full tuition)
  • Lancaster University's M.Sc. in Data Science. This program is unique in its deliberate focus on multidisciplinary learning. Effective data science requires skills drawn from a range of disciplines and therefore our programme is offered jointly by The School of Computing and Communications, The Department of Mathematics and Statistics and Lancaster University Management School. (12-month program, $10,715 UK/EU, $25,315 Non-EU/UK)

We hope you are enjoying these series of unbiased posts regarding higher education in Data Science and analytics. We have done our best in compiling as much information as we can and we hope we have provided crucial information on this extremely popular topic.

You may find more detailed information on other European countries, and other programs in this link.