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Analytic Creation to Production: Bridging The Chasm, Webinar, Dec 7

Understand best practices for optimizing the handoff from analytic team to IT across your business as a core competency, how to create scalable peak model performance, and more.

Open Data Group
Open Data Group

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Not sure you saw us on Information Age, but Open Data Group is tearing down the barriers between analytic creation and production. At Open Data Group, we make putting analytics and machine learning models into production simple, bringing IT and analytics professionals together to deploy & scale models, more often, with greater efficiency and quality than ever.

Join us on December 7th at 1:00 PM EST for an educational webinar "Bridging the Analytic Creation to Production Chasm" co-hosted by current CEO at Bay Advisors and previous CIO at AIG & Kaiser Permanente, Phil Fasano, and IT veteran and CTO at Open Data Group, Stu Bailey.

This second installment of a 6-part series is focused on optimizing the analytic creation to IT handoff across your business, Phil and Stu will help us understand:
  • How Open Data Group bridges the analytic creation to production gap
  • Best practices on optimizing the analytic team to IT handoff across your business as a core competency
  • Technical advice for creating peak model performance that is scalable in any production environment
  • Setting up for success - simple solutions for solving conflicts and inefficiencies within your analytic operations

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