GraphDB for DevOps – Live Online training from Ontotext

This live online training is geared towards one single goal – to prepare developers and operations specialists who need to interact with GraphDB in their daily routine. For a limited time get 20% Early Bird discount.

The Graph database adoption is on the rise. As it becomes the fastest growing category of database technology, we think working with GraphDB by Ontotext will upgrade your skills to the next level. You can become part of its transformative nature by learning how to operate with this database.

Ontotext Graphdb For Devops

That’s why we have developed an intense but comprehensive online training for GraphDB to get you on board with one of the leading W3C compliant engines.

GraphDB for DevOps is an intense, live online training that will enable any developer who is interested in becoming proficient in operating with our Graph Database.We understand that as its main query language SPARQL can be a pain in the neck. That’s why one of the primary missions in our GraphDB training is to teach you how to develop complex queries, how to implement performance optimizations, and how to use GeoSPARQL.

The training is delivered in a condensed but comprehensive form and includes lectures, interactive hands-on sessions and discussions of outcomes - one week pre-class exercises and 3 full days with live online sessions.This live online training will equip you with in-depth practical knowledge of operating with the database. Here's the rest of the training curriculum:

Some of training instructors are the most senior staff from Ontotext – The CTO - Vassil Momtchev and one of the leading consultants Vladimir Alexiev, PhD, Co-Leader of Innovation and Consulting team.

For a limited time you can get 20% Early Bird discount. Follow this link to learn more about the training: