Pick Up New Skills – 8 Full-Day Workshops at Predictive Analytics World this June in Vegas

In 2018, there will be only one PAW. Pick Up New Skills at Predictive Analytics World Workshops, Las Vegas, June 2018.

Predictive Analytics World - Pick Up New Skills with 8 Full-Day PAW Workshops, June in Las Vegas

Pick Up New Skills at Predictive Analytics World Workshops

Las Vegas, June 2018

Predictive Analytics World is so much more than great keynotes and breakout sessions across four cutting-edge verticals:

Predictive Analytics World also features 8 full-day workshops:

Sunday, June 3

Big Data: Proven Methods You Need to Extract Big Value

This one-day workshop reviews major big data success stories that have transformed businesses and created new markets. Marc Smith, Chief Social Scientist, Connected Action Consulting Group

R Bootcamp: For Newcomers to R

This 2.5-hour evening workshop launches your tenure as a user of R, the well-known open-source platform for data analysis. This is an optional workshop and is meant as prep for the full-day workshop. Max Kuhn, Software Engineer, RStudio

Monday, June 4

R for Machine Learning: A Hands-On Introduction

Full-day. Gain experience driving R for predictive modeling across real examples and data sets. Survey the pertinent modeling packages. Max Kuhn, Software Engineer, RStudio

The Best of Predictive Analytics: Core Machine Learning and Data Science Techniques

This one-day session surveys standard and advanced methods for predictive modeling (aka machine learning). John Elder, Founder & Chair, Elder Research

The Advanced Data Preparation Bootcamp: Whip your Data into Shape

Full-day. Dive in hands-on with crucial data prep steps, including cleaning, missing value imputation, feature creation/selection, and sampling. Dean Abbott, Co-Founder and Chief Data Scientist, Smarter HQ

Thursday, June 7

The Deadly Dozen: The Top 12 Analytics Mistakes and the Techniques to Defeat Them

This one-day session reveals the subtle mistakes analytics practitioners often make when facing a new challenge (the “deadly dozen”), and clearly explains the advanced methods seasoned experts use to avoid those pitfalls and build accurate and reliable models. John Elder, Founder & Chair, Elder Research

Uplift Models: Optimizing the Impact of Your Marketing

This full-day workshop demonstrates how to build Net Lift Models that optimize the incremental impact of marketing campaigns, covering the pros and cons of various core analytical approaches. Kim Larsen, Director of Marketing Analytics, UBER

Supercharging Prediction with Ensemble Models

This full-day workshop dives into the key ensemble approaches including Bagging, Random Forests, and Stochastic Gradient Boosting. Dean Abbott, Co-Founder and Chief Data Scientist, Smarter HQ

Spark on Hadoop for Machine Learning: Hands-On Lab

Full-day. Gain the power to extract signals from big data on your own, without relying on data engineers and Hadoop specialists. James Casaletto, Senior Solutions Architect, MapR Technologies

Since 2009, Predictive Analytics World has been the leading event on advanced analytics and machine learning - it's a must-attend for data scientists who need the latest techniques. Come see the experts speak in Las Vegas, June 3-7, 2018

We predict that these workshops will make you smarter, faster, and more valuable to your company. Remember, the brain likes nothing more than learning something new!

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