Introductory Data Concepts: Fantastic Video Tutorials from Ronald van Loon

Check out these introductory data videos from noted expert and influencer Ronald van Loon.

You may be familiar with noted data influencer Ronald van Loon from his speaking engagements or social media presence. You may not know that he has recently taken to creating a series of introductory videos aimed at explaining data science and related concepts to the uninitiated and those looking to become more knowledgeable on a host of subjects from machine learning to AI to Big Data and beyond.

Over several weeks, Ronald has thus far created and shared 4 such videos on his YouTube channel. At a modest few minutes each, the videos are to-the-point in covering the basics, and are engaging enough to keep your attention in the face of all the competing such options out there.

If it sounds like this is the kind of video series which may be helpful in your pursuit of understanding these concepts, I recommend you have a look at the videos below. They could be a solid starting point to start for those looking to learn more about these topics. Following Ronald on Twitter is also a good idea to keep up on such topics.

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