Challenge Yourself to Think, Mar 19-22, Las Vegas

Think 2018 is for those who seek inspiration and education, reinvention and innovation, want to connect with experts and seek progress. It is for understanding what is going on in the world around AI, Cloud, Data, Security, and Systems and discovering what’s possible. Use code TK18CAC to save.

IBM Think 2018

We are just a few weeks away from Think 2018, IBM’s unique event in Las Vegas from March 19 to 22, 2018.

Are you able to attend?

Below are some updates about the 40,000 Attendees, 1000s of cross-sector sessions, 100s of industry-aligned streams, 300+ certifications, and 1000+ speakers for your perusal.

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  • Visit : IBM Think 2018
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Think is for those who seek inspiration and education, reinvention and innovation, for those who want to connect with experts and seek progress. It is for understanding what is going on in the world around AI, Cloud, Data, Security, and Systems and discovering what’s possible.

Join us at a first-of-its-kind global IBM event that gathers 40,000 of the world’s most inspiring business and technology innovators, leaders, and thinkers in one place, to ask…

Here is a small snapshot of over 1000 speakers and experts you will have the opportunity to hear from:

  • Mike Sparling, Academic Researcher & Principal Investigator - Artificial Intelligence, Durham College
  • Matt Goulet, Application Architect, University of Massachusetts
  • Edgardo Bernal, Application Engineer, The Hanover Insurance Group
  • Shree Suryanarayan, Applications Development Manager, American Airlines
  • Shawn Adams, Consultant, Information Technology Application Development, Nationwide Insurance
  • Ross Ackerman, Digital Support Director, NetApp
  • Mark Appelhans, Director Information, Analytics, Strategy Division at Komatsu America Corp, Komatsu America Corporation
  • Terence Leung, Director of Application Architecture, Sun Life of Canada
  • Dave Beving, Director of Application Development & Enterprise Architecture, GuideOne Insurance
  • Scott Marshall, Director, Application Delivery Services - EDI Technology, AmerisourceBergen
  • Ulyses Ty, Head of Applications Services, Sun Life of Canada
  • Sunil Ramakrishnappa, Manager Enterprise Architecture , API management, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
  • Lee March, Manager, Information Technology Applications, Nationwide
  • Emmanuel Potey, Responsible for Application Integration Architecture Solutions & IS Solution Architect, BNP Paribas
  • Gary Ward, Senior Director - Application Tier Engineering, ADP
  • William Apple, Senior Technical Director, AT&T
  • Eric Tagliere, Senior Vice President, Application Development & Enterprise Architecture, Marriott International
  • Jonah Kowall, Vice President Market Development & Insights, App Dynamics
  • Chris Sinkwitz, Vice President of Applications & Development, Meritage Homes
  • Tony Hansen, Chief Architect Cloud / Head of Infrastructure Strategy, Westpac
  • Terrence O'Hanlon, Chief Asset Manager,
  • Barry Pellas, Chief Business Technologist, PointSource
  • Ivan Vankov, Chief Consultant Architect, Cognition Foundry
  • Brandon Thomas, Chief Data Officer, Zions Bank
  • Luiz Lobo, Chief Digital Officer, Digital Transformation & Customer Experience Vice President, SKY
  • Zahari Dollah, Chief Engineer, Asset Management, TNB
  • Ronny Shmoel, Chief Executive Officer, Circuit City
  • Dave Driggers, Chief Executive Officer, Cirrascale
  • Mark Wyllie, Chief Executive Officer, Flagship Solutions
  • Nicholas Therkelsen-Terry, Chief Executive Officer, Max Kelsen
  • Nicolas Echavarria, Chief Executive Officer, ne Digital
  • Juergen Hase, Chief Executive Officer, Reliance Unlimit
  • Jonathan Rosenthal, Chief Executive Officer, Saybrook Management
  • Elisa Adams, Chief Executive Officer & Founder, Sprout Research
  • David Katz, Chief Executive Officer & Founder, The Plastic Bank
  • Ivo-Paul Tummers, Chief Executive Officer & Founder Jibes, Jibes
  • Jeff Jonas, Chief Executive Officer, Founder & Chief Scientist, Senzing Inc.
  • Ferd Scheepers, Chief Information Architect, ING
  • Ram Nagappan, Chief Information Officer, Bank of New York Mellon Pershing
  • Jorge Bandin, Chief Information Officer, Caribbean Financial Services Corporation
  • Keith Brooks, Chief Information Officer, CRGO Law
  • Tim Osburn, Chief Information Officer, Diamond Offshore
  • Masahiro Takeuchi, Chief Information Officer, Forum Engineering Inc.
  • Rob Camp, Chief Information Officer Personal Business Banking, Royal Bank of Scotland
  • Micheal Dawisha, Chief Information Officer Residential & Hospitality Services, Michigan State University
  • Spencer Rodrigues, Chief Information Technology Analyst - Test Environment Management Services, Nordea
  • Rahul Singal, Chief Medical Officer, DST Health
  • Todd White, Chief Operating Officer, Goldcorp
  • Samuel Irvine Casey, Chief Operating Officer, Max Kelsen
  • Chris Aniszczyk, Chief Operating Officer, Linux Foundation
  • Tom Verner, Chief Operations Officer, Amplex Corporation
  • Alan Forbes, Chief Product Officer & Vice President of Product Development, RPR Wyatt
  • Jason Kirby, Chief Revenue Officer, Liquidsky Software
  • Jeffrey Thatcher, Chief Scientist & Principal Investigator, Spectral MD
  • Simon Wheelband, Chief System Architect, Maersk
  • Himanshu Shah, Chief Technology Officer, Ardash Credit & Co-Op Society
  • Dr. John Graham-Cumming, Chief Technology Officer, Cloudflare
  • David Tan, Chief Technology Officer, CrushBank
  • Ari Juntunen, Chief Technology Officer, Elinar
  • Leith Donaldson, Chief Technology Officer, GAVL Aust Pty Ltd
  • Tom Hardin, Chief Technology Officer, Harley-Davidson
  • John Jardin, Chief Technology Officer, Ukuvuma Solutions
  • Hemma Prafullchandra, Chief Technology Officer & Executive Vice President Products, HyTrust
  • Tim Vanderham, Chief Technology Officer & Head of Technology, Thomson Reuters, Tax & Accounting Division, Thomson Reuters
  • Leo Reiter, Chief Technology Officer & Vice President of Software Engineering, Nimbix
  • Nadeem Asghar, Chief Technology Officer (Field) & Vice President, Global Head Technical Alliances/Solution Engineering, Hortonworks
  • Chris Nowak, Chief Transformation Officer, Kingsmen Software
  • Askari Rizvi, Chief, Technical Services Branch, National Center for Health Statistics / Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
  • Nadeem Noordin, Co-Chief Executive Officer, CloudHop
  • Uri Ravin, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Croosing
  • Chris Johnson, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, UnCubed
  • Ryan Vanalstine, Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer, BlueChasm
  • Rodrigo Helcer, Co-founder / Chief Executive Officer, Stilingue
  • Ameet Shetty, Executive Vice President / Chief Data Officer, SunTrust
  • Jack Duan, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Gliding Eagle
  • Ricky Sutton, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Oovvuu
  • Alexis Richardson, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Weaveworks
  • Robert Locascio, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, LivePerson
  • Greg Wolfond, Founder Chief Executive Officer & Chairman, SecureKey Technologies
  • Amar Bukkasagaram, Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Datum Solutions
  • Shinichi Urakawa, Group Chief Information Officer & Managing Executive Officer, Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Insurance Inc.
  • Jun Seong Han, Senior Executive Vice President & Chief Future Innovation Officer, Hana Financial Group & HabaBank
  • Want to see more confirmed speakers? Download the list of speakers here > >

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How to register with discount code TK18CAC for $1,995 and save $300 off the onsite price:

To complete your booking and secure your place at the event, simply:

  • Visit : IBM Think 2018
  • Or for groups, email me directly
  • Log-in with your IBM ID
  • Registration Type must be selected as : Client
  • Enter Promo Code: TK18CAC& click apply
  • The discount will be reflected when you click to the next page - From $2,295 to $1,995

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