Preventing Claims with Automation, IoT and Connected Services (Webinar, Feb 23)

This webinar will give you the insights to stay ahead of the curve of innovation, including Real-Time Risk Assessment, Automatically Turning Data to Action, and more.

With the rise of IoT, big data, AI and more, carriers can provide services for real-time claims resolution, and customers could proactively manage their own risk. So how can carriers utilize this transformation and reach the ultimate in risk management: stopping claims from ever occurring in the first place?

Join Insurance Nexus as they talk BJ Treese, Managing Director for Emerging Property Products, Travelers and Ramon Lopez, VP Claims Innovation, USAA -about how they see the journey from reduction to elimination of claims.

Insurance Nexus
Join the webinar: Preventing Claims with Automation, IoT and Connected Services
(February 23rd, 10am CT, 11 am ET).

(FYI – if you can’t join live, I’ll send you the recordings if you register).

This webinar will give you the insight you need to stay ahead of the curve of innovation, including:

  • Get in Early with Real-Time Risk Assessment: The rise of sensors and IoT data is enabling customers, and insurance carriers, to identify risk on before it becomes a claim, but how can carriers collect and store this information effectively?
  • Automatically Turning Data to Action:utilizing advanced analytics and increasingly, artificial intelligence to generate insights and automatically enable real-time risk mitigation, integrating service provision and customer-led action to stop a claim from occurring
  • Engage Customers with Personal Risk Management: Build a two-way relationship around educating and supporting customers to take responsibility for reducing their own risk, integrating dynamic, personalized communication

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