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Miss RE•WORK in San Francisco? Join AI and deep learning experts in London, Hong Kong or Boston, and save 25% with the code KDNUGGETS.

Miss RE•WORK in San Francisco? Join AI and deep learning experts in London, Hong Kong or Boston, and save 25% with the code KDNUGGETS
Last month, RE•WORK hosted their biggest event to date with the Deep Learning Summit and AI Assistant Summit bringing together global AI experts to share their latest work. Speakers included Ian Goodfellow from Google Brain, Daphne Koller from Calico, Alok Kothari from Apple and many more. 
"Our goal is to make human computer interactions more personal. Examples of these personalised generative models stretch to personalised voice assistants, avatars and virtual reality." Yaniv Taigman, Facebook AI Research (FAIR)

"Controversially I think C++ coders will be replaced long before truck drivers. Autonomous vehicles are at the far end of AI. If a car needs to know how to drive in India, it needs to understand so many things about the road, like how an elephant moves in traffic!" Keith Adams, Slack

“We’re at a point now in robotics where autonomous vehicles can be commercially viable. Delivery is a viable business and as we move forward there will be many more applications.”  Kevin Peterson, Marble

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Ethics & AI
DeepMind has recently opened a unit focused on the ethical and societal questions raised by AI, and the ethical practices of these systems are becoming an integral consideration in the progress of new AI models. At the AI Assistant Summit in San Francisco last week, RE•WORK hosted the panel, 'As Our AI Systems Become More Capable, Should Ethics be an Integral Component to your Business Strategy?'  We were joined by experts in the field such asJane Nemcova from Lionbridge, Abhishek Gupta from District 3 & McGill University, Cathy Pearl from Sensely and Jake Metcalf from Ethical Resolve.
The ethical implications of AI will be a focal point over the coming months and years, and we are excited to announce Andreas TheodorouTeaching Fellow at the University of Bath to join us at the Introduction to Machine Learning in Healthcare Workshop in London this February 14, who will be discussing the ethical and legal implications of Artificial Intelligence in societies by building transparent to inspection intelligent agents.
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RE•WORK are currently working on a White Paper focusing on the ethics of AI and would love to hear from researchers or industry professionals working in the field. If you'd like to share your current work or get involved with the paper, please get in touch with Yaz: Check out our previous paper, 'Should You Be Using AI in Your Business?' here
Women in Machine Intelligence 
Last week also saw RE•WORK host our largest dinner to date with over 90 attendees coming together to support women working in AI and to listen to presentations from Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Brain & more. Join us at the Women in AI Dinner in London this February 20 for an evening of networking and presentations from Fujitsu, DeepMind, Forbes Technology Council and Alan Turing Institute. 

Partnering with RE•WORK for the upcoming dinner is the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), who lead
Borealis AIa research centre dedicated to achieving the state-of-the-art in machine learning through curiosity-driven research. Join us at the dinner to learn more. 
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