KDnuggets – Favorite Data Science / Machine Learning Blog

In a recent Kaggle Machine Learning and Data Science Survey, KDnuggets was no. 1 among favorite Data Science Blogs, Podcasts, or Newsletters.

Thanks to Bob E. Hayes recent tweet I found his blog on Favorite Data Science and Machine Learning Blogs, which in turn was based on Kaggle ML and Data Science Survey 2017 results.

The question answered by 8140 Kagglers was
What are your top 3 favorite data science blogs/podcasts/newsletters? (Select up to three options)

and here are their answers (a total of 21 blogs/podcasts/newsletters):

KDnuggets Favorite Data Science Blog
Fig. 1: Kaggle 2017 Survey Favorite Data Science Blogs/Podcasts/Newsletters

Excluding "Other", here are the top 10 blogs and the percentage of Kagglers who selected them.
  1. KDnuggets Blog, 32.6%
  2. R Bloggers Blog Aggregator, 25.1%
  3. O'Reilly Data Newsletter, 19.7%
  4. Becoming a Data Scientist Podcast, 16.0%
  5. No Free Hunch Blog (Kaggle), 15.2%
  6. Siraj Raval YouTube Channel, 12.8%
  7. FastML Blog, 9.0%
  8. Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science (Andrew Gelman), 8.1%
  9. Data Machina newsletter, 8.1%
  10. Data Skeptic podcast, 7.0%.

The most favorite podcast was Becoming a Data Scientist, with 16.0% share.

The next question in Kaggle survey compared favorite blogs/podcasts/newsletters among Data Scientists who are employed and those looking for work. KDnuggets was No. 1 in both categories!

KDnuggets Top Employed Looking Data Science Blog 536
Fig. 2: Kaggle 2017 Survey: Top 10 Data Science Blogs/Podcasts/Newsletters
among employed data scientists and those that are looking for a job.

We are very honored by those results and will try even harder to bring our readers only the most interesting and relevant stories!

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Note: ironically, we found a small data cleaning error in these Kaggle results: Andrew Gelman blog "Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science" which has 2 commas in the name appeared as 3 separate blogs with identical results: "and Social Science Blog (Andrew Gelman)", "Causal Inference", and "Statistical Modeling". We fixed that error in Fig. 1, but not changed in Fig. 2 which is a screenshot from Kaggle blog.