KDnuggets Recognized as a Top Data Science Influencer for 2018

Check out Onalytica's Data Science Influencers Report for 2018, and see where KDnuggets (and others) were ranked.

Onalytica, online influencer management software developer and tracker of online influence across numerous domains, has recently released its 2018 Data Science Influencer Report.

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KDnuggets placed third on the Data Science Brands list this year, behind IBM Watson and Girls Who Code (we note that Onalytica ranked KDnuggets in spot #8 in last year's Big Data Influencers Report). The report ranks the top 100 most influential brands, as well as the top 100 most influential individuals and publications. Drawing lines between these categories was certainly not straightforward in many cases.

Influence for the sake of influence may not be a worthy goal, but genuine independent recognition as an influencer in a particular realm is often warranted, and can act as a gauge as to how one's efforts are being received. In that vein, KDnuggets is happy to be placed with such esteemed company, from the brands to the individuals to the publications.

Below are the top 10 brands and individuals listed in the report. You can download the full report directly from Onalytica to see the full set of lists for yourself.

Top 100 Brands

Rank Twitter Handle Name Score
1 @IBMWatson IBM Watson 100
2 @GirlsWhoCode Girls Who Code 91.62
3 @kdnuggets KDnuggets 65.89
4 @DataCamp DataCamp 48.99
5 @Azure Microsoft Azure 47.55
6 @awscloud Amazon Web Services 46.99
7 @cloudera Cloudera 43.9
8 @OReillyMedia O’Reilly Media 42.49
9 @kaggle Kaggle 41.58
10 @rstudio RStudio 35.19

Top 100 Individuals

Rank Twitter Handle Name Company Score
1 @Werner Werner Vogels Amazon 100
2 @Fisher85M Michael Fisher Whitcraft Group 52.15
3 @KirkDBorne Kirk Borne Booz Allen Hamilton 42.9
4 @schmarzo Dean of Big Data USF Management 41.21
5 @gp_pulipaka Dr. GP Pulipaka DeepSingularity 31.67
6 @robdthomas Rob Thomas IBM 28.59
7 @Ronald_vanLoon Ronald van Loon Adversitement 23.34
8 @JacBurns_Comext Jacqueline Burns International Trade Broker 21.06
9 @drob David Robinson DataCamo 19.31
10 @alevergara78 alejandro vergara Orsan Holding 18.69


Check out Onalytica's full report here.