Doing Real-Time Data Analysis With Db2 Event Store

IBM unveiled the updated Db2 Event Store platform and various features at its Think 2018 conference, tailored for those in the data industry, including data scientists, and application developers.

Note: In the interest of full disclosure, IBM paid for me to fly out to Think 2018. They didn’t asked me to write about any of the products or session I went to while I was there, but I thought you guys would find this database interesting.

IBM Db2 Event Store is a memory optimized database designed to efficiently deal with large volumes of structured data.

It offers real-time analytics, advanced data processing and supports standard Apache Spark interfaces through deep integration with Apache SPARK. It also stores data in the open Apache Parquet Data Format to allow integration with a myriad of additional tooling.

IBM unveiled the updated Db2 Event Store platform and various features at its Think 2018 conference, tailored for those in the data industry, including data scientists, and application developers.


The obvious question that comes to mind is, why does Db2 Event Store matter? More specifically, how will this affect those currently active in the industry?

What Is Db2 Event Store? How Is It Different?

In today’s landscape, it’s not enough to have access to a big data system or platform. Yes, that need exists, of course, but a complete solution for real-time processing and analytics is vital to deliver timely reactions and decisions.

Especially when you consider event-driven workloads, the ability to act on data in real-time is critical to build a compelling solution. Doing so requires access to a big data platform that can handle fast data, and real-time streaming content.

IBM’s Db2 Event Store is a high speed system that can handle high volumes of data, from multiple sources, simultaneously. It’s a high-performance, low-latency solution in comparison to older platforms.

Free Developer Version Available

In many cases, the promise of advanced speed and performance won’t make a difference until you get your hands on the actual tool. A developer or programmer, for instance, can’t exactly gauge how much of a performance boost they’ll see until they have hands-on time. That’s exactly why IBM is offering a free developer version anyone can use to get a feel for the new system.

This is also important for businesses or organizations that are looking for a system to be at the core of an enterprise event information architecture. With Db2 Event Store anyone can ingest and analyze incredibly large volumes of event data at scale.

In today’s world speed to value and simplicity are critical to get maximal value from your event data. With Db2 event store you have a “batteries included” system which combines the Db2 Event Store high speed data engine with integrated modern data science tooling through the embedded data science experience packaging. This accelerates the journey from data source to actionable business insights.

Why Does It Really Matter?

You can glean a lot of this information from IBM’s product pages and official site as-is. So, what does all this really mean, and how does Event Store stack up against the competition?

One of the complexities of dealing with modern data is that volumes are exploding well beyond what anyone expected. In many cases, you plan for data to grow in scale and size, because naturally your customer base and market are going to grow over time.

The problem, however, is that you also start to look at new information, new datasets, and even new segments. You can’t necessarily predict the full scale you’ll need at the beginning of your enterprise journey, so you want a system capable of scaling with your requirements.

That’s exactly what IBM’s platform can deliver, most importantly, the speed and performance are designed to deal with your growing data journey.

That’s important as you become more reliant on real-time data and processing techniques for contextual and personalized development. Customers don’t just desire it in today’s market, they outright demand it. Experiences devoid of personalization and relevancy fail more often than those without.

Bottom line: Event Store can deliver the data analytics and processing opportunities you need to succeed in today’s market.

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