Deep Learning Summit, Toronto featuring Geoff Hinton – save with KDnuggets

Geoffrey Hinton, one of the fathers of Deep Learning, will be back to share his most recent and cutting-edge research progressions, and will be joined by other top researchers. Save 20% on Early Bird passes when you sign up before 15 June w. code KDNUGGETS. Also check Women in AI dinner series and get new white paper on Ethical implications of AI.

After welcoming the pioneers of AI, Yoshua Bengio, Yann LeCunn and Geoffrey Hinton to the Deep Learning Summit in Montreal last October, RE-WORK are returning to Canada for the second year running. Geoffrey Hinton, Professor at University of Toronto will be back to share his most recent and cutting-edge research progressions, and we'll also be joined by the following global AI experts:
  • Stanley Osher, Professor, UCLA
  • Brendan Frey, Co-Founder & CEO, Deep Genomics
  • Karry Ly, Sr Data Scientist, WeWork
  • Nina Berry, Science & Technology Advisor, US Government 
  • He He, Post Doc, Stanford University
At the Deep Learning Summit, topics covered will include Reinforcement Learning, NLP, Computer Vision and Image Retrieval. The AI for Government Summit will explore topics such as Enterprise Software, Government Transformation, AI Regulations and more. 
Save an additional 20% on Early Bird passes when you sign up before 15 June with the code KDNUGGETS. 
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What they say:

With RE-WORK you can have a drink with Yann LeCun, the father of deep learning, and meet smart industrials and great scientists all in the same place.
Augustin Marty, CEO, Deepomatic 

What's amazing about the Deep Learning Summit is hearing how all of these different applications can be applied using the same model - so what we've learned is to get creative! 

Hanlin Tang, Principal Engineer, Intel

I'm not going to move to the Silicon Valley, the Silicon Valley should come to Canada. I am committed to Toronto, and we are going to publish all the research we do there.
Raquel Urtasun, Head of Uber ATG
Support Diversity in AI
As a female-led company, RE-WORK is a strong advocate for supporting female entrepreneurs and women working towards advancing technology and science. The dinners are open to anyone keen to support women in the industry.
  • 100 ATTENDEES - network with experts in AI throughout the evening to learn about their research and applications. 
  • KEYNOTE TALKS - throughout the dinner, leading female minds will present their most recent and cutting-edge work.
  • 3 COURSE DINNER - enjoy fine food and wine whilst advancing your knowledge and meeting new connections. 
  • CHAMPAGNE RECEPTION - network with both attendees and speakers over champagne.
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NEW: White Paper

As AI continues to progress and businesses across the globe benefit from its capabilities, it's important to ensure that the technology is being harnessed for good, to create a better, fairer society. AI systems are already superior to humans in certain tasks such as image recognition, data analysis and problem-solving tasks. These advances present a wealth of ethical questions surrounding biases that could appear in the data, security issues, and potential consequences if systems are hacked or used irresponsibly. RE-WORK's recently published white paper hones in on these issues and challenges, with contributions from experts from the likes of Accenture, Woebot, McGill University, Barclays, LinkedIn and more. 

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